March 29th, 2017.

I sometimes think back to what could have been a faithful event. I think I may even have mentioned it here before; about that time in Tivoli, when I had K on my shoulder and was running up a flight of concrete steps and came ever so close to banging her head into the concrete beam overhead. It would have been horrible; she would’ve been concussed, and we would have fallen backwards down the stairs, she would have likely suffered cranial trauma. I shudder just thinking about it now. But it didn’t happen, so why do I still return to that scenario? I guess it put the fear in me. And I learned – a lot – from it. I’m more careful these days; although just yesterday, on the trampoline with N, he fell down and landed incorrectly, bending his back slightly. Quickly was up again, but still… I catch myself telling myself ‘go easy’. I guess there’s no protecting them from themselves, but I will try my best to protect them from me.

Meeting Kenn this afternoon, didn’t really want to. Conversation with him is such a non-starter. But I can’t bring myself to ignore him, like Dennis might – envy that ability! At least talked him into seeing a movie, some sci-fi thing, ‘Life’, at the Empire movie-theatre.

March 28th, 2017.

Sent off the bill to Thomas Lange, clocked in at around 15K. Came just in the nick of time, too, as per that tax-bill… So went and purchased breakfast at the local 7-11. Such quality of life one has, when one feels one can afford that!

Got confirmation that I will, in fact, be doing a course on the SOLID programming principles, in Aarhus on the 30th of May. Excited by the prospect. It’s what I wanted to do – and I think I could do it well enough, even. I guess it’ll take me places I’ve never been, and that’s a goal in itself, isn’t it. Good thing it’s quite a while away; will give me time to prepare, and to focus, and also it’s a bit of money going into the holiday period. Just hoping I won’t fail spectacularly; will no doubt stress myself out when it’s getting ’round time to actually get it done.

February 27th, 2017.

Got a start on the new shower-stall during the weekend. Have had it tucked away in the basement for so long I wondered if I’d ever get that project going; and had managed to throw away the instructions, too. Thank God for the Internet! Didn’t get very far, though; V found herself on the trampoline with N, and within minutes she had a headache and felt dizzy and had to lie down, so I found myself entertaining him once more. So, all in all not what I’d been looking forward to, but ‘s good at least good to get in going, and, furthermore, such time I spend on that project in the weekends will be less time I’ll need spend during the Easter holiday, where V and the kids will be at Funen and I’ll be entertaining myself, no less.

All the birthdays of March are over, thankfully. V took care of most of it, of course. K seemed to like that keyboard for her iPad Pro – hopefully will ensure all her school-needs are taken care of, for some time ahead. V’s been on the lookout for boarding schools for her, in two year’s time – good to have all the technical requirements fixed, though of course that’s the least of concerns. Besides other presents – gift certificates galore – she got a part of a 4-day trip to Poland with her grandfolks, V and N. Good stuff – leaves lots of room for Stig and I to mess around with the kitchen, next-up project. We went to a steak-house in Slagelse, as per K’s request, and on the Saturday she and V went to the new ‘Beauty and the Beast’ movie, and even yesterday her friend Ingebjørn had asked her out to see the new ‘Power Rangers’ movie. So believe she got all the attention required on her entry into the teenage age.

So now it’s back to quiet time again, aka a new working week.

February 23rd, 2017.

Fending off an assault from N’s teacher, expressing her desire to move him to a different class. If only because someone had to, as there was switching going on from one class to the other, and so, to ‘harmonize the classes’… So we drove a damning note and thankfully this morning learned that it won’t be happening. Godness… The only reason to move kids between classes is that some are leaving the other because they’re being bullied out – and we’d be sending our kid into that class? Sometimes I hate that school and their way of thinking. Let’s see what the next challenge will be. I know that child-problems only diversify as they get older, but this particular brand of public-school issues is one I’ll be glad to retire. Thankfully K’s not that far off. I guess if one were to yank her away right this instance, she’d confess to having had a decent time in school thus far; the narrating self would trump the experiencing self, and focus exclusively on the last time. Maybe that’s the trick.

February 22nd, 2017.

Taking it a bit easy works well, for now. Having no obligations beyond having tucked N in, around 8 o’clock, I’m enjoying doing nothing in particular. Have talked with V, watch some telly together. Basically setting aside time for relationship nourishment, always a good thing. And catching up on all those articles I submit to my Pocket reading app.

Yesterday went to the city, to fulfill a support-function in regards to the application I refactored for my old colleague, Thomas Lange. Will be interesting to see if this concept develops further, i.e. of yours truly helping him out in further matters – as his regular developer seems to have sadly come down with a depression of some kind. Also suddenly there’s an inquiry in the mail from the Technological Institute, if I would entertain the notion of travelling to Aarhus and give a course to 25 developers there?

So I guess I got enough going as is, that I won’t be experiencing this ‘no obligations’ thing for long. And that’s good enough, too.

February 20th, 2017.

So ’twas the end of that one, ‘Homo Deus’ by Yuval Harari. Very thought-provoking though inspirational work. Will I become a religious Dataist believer? Time will tell, although many of the signs – and concerns – are there. Despite my assured demeanor (so I’m told) I have been going through these books on philosophy, history, behavioural science, cognitive science and what not. And I still can’t tell. It has been thoroughly enjoyful to read about, and I certainly felt inspired enough to write my own little Amazon self-published book. 10-15 well-spent hours. Now, though, it really should be time to act those words, or, rather, behave accordingly. So I’ll dedicate the next few weeks to enjoy myself. Not that reading is not immensely joyful to me, it’s just that I should perhaps tend to some lighter fare – all this science-stuff has gotten me somewhat gloomy, and, well, what’s wrong with the occasional action-movie. Will first off take to this computer-game that K recommended, ‘Undertale’. Haven’t the foggiest idea of what it’s all about, but she’s really into it and furthermore states that it’s but a 6-hour game, so why not. Also on her recommend listened to the soundtrack at work, and it’s not bad – and gets us talking about it and other things. I get the sense that in taking an interest in what, in turn, interests her, she’s the likelier to take me seriously in other matters. So that seems like a good investment.

Will also take time to be more with V. We’ve been on our own for a while, she doing her class and the book-stuff, me working overtime and what not. So we haven’t really spend ages together. So will reserve the evenings for socializing – not as tough as the wording suggests. Evening last saw some finale to a tv-show she’s been engaged in, about some a vagrant cycling ’round the country with his mutt. Pretty HD drone-shots of the countrysides. At the end of it he moves himself into a giant camper and V got the notion that ‘we could do that, couldn’t we?’. So I gather she’s not alien to that notion still – that’ll no doubt do us well in some ten or fifteen year’s time.


Febuary 11th, 2016

Gearing up for the kid’s birthday. 6 years, wow.

Met up with Rasmus again, on his request. Thankfully no mention of the near 3/4 year we haven’t spoke, and the lager saw to it that we got right back on the same old topics, of politics and pornography. He’s put on a few pounds, I noted, but otherwise his life’s the same, apparently: work and travel. No strings attached. Probably never will have.