November 17th, 2017.

Met Kenn at that diner, ‘Sporvognen’, that we frequented in earlier years. Decent burger at a premium price, good stuff. Good to see him again, at my suggestion. And not out of my way, now that I’m back in the city. Talked about this and that and had a good time. Made it to the Irish diner across from Jorck’s Passage, where I recall V and I once were, too. Got to talking about shooting some pool some day, would like that. Downed one of Barresso’s ridiculously sweet Christmas Lattes and made for some ‘Aloë Cocktail Bar’ where, alledgedly, there would be a gathering of BitCoin enthusiasts and, sure enough, place was crammed with youngsters with their mobile devices tuned to candle-stick charts and deriviatives trading apps. Decided, not there and then, to make my way to the Grand Central Station. Wonder how my own 0.2031 BitCoin investment is doing. Give it 30 years and we’ll see if anything ever came of it.

Nearing the Christmas month and the city, at least the part I came across tonight, is vibrant with consume, consume, consume. Across from the station there’s a new 16000 m2 shopping mall, dedicated entirely to perusing, sampling and purchasing luxury food items. I shy a bit away from this form of decadence. It’s a different solar system, even, than what I’m used to. Kenn speaks of the local thrift stores as appealing to the ‘kitch cult’ or some similar statement, and it’s all a bit too much for my basic tastes. I guess it keeps the wheels of society spinning, to some degree. But it’s still ackward, methinks. We’re such a rich country, all evidence points to that. And I suppose that in terms of the delta between rich and poor we’re not yet at the same level – a good thing – as some other, select nations. Still I shy away from it all, and wish that we might share our wealth more evenly. Yet easy to say, isn’t it, for one who feels poor. And, sporadically, becomes insulted from looking at adds for extravagant perfumes.


November 10th, 2017.

Well, that’s it for a first working week. Didn’t do too poorly, I hope. But, man, it’s getting straight into it – presentations, meetings, what not. It’s quite odd, there’s no easing into stuff. For all they knew they could’ve picked the entirely wrong candidate and I would’ve gotten nowhere, this week. There’s little in the way of conformity, it’s each man for himself and his technology of choice – and I fail to see how, given what little screening I had, they could’ve possibly testified as to my abilities (or lack of same). But anyways. Tons of new stuff to learn, which is cool I guess. And, like I said, I don’t think I sucked. But, man, some of’em are young. I’m the one with the oldest kids! And as we’re getting into tech-talk, I can tell they’re looking at me and wondering ‘what rock have you been living under’. No respect for their elders! Just kidding; I’ll learn what I can from them, and then some. Yet, again, man, they’re young. I know, I know – I’m to blame. I could’ve stayed with the job-security and, not least, knowledge-security of the old gig. But that would’ve been rather boring, would it not. And, as I’m reading ‘Its not about the shark’, a piss-poor problem-solving strategy. So I’m hereto learn, and let’s see what next week will bring.


November 9th, 2017.

Fired up the new work-computer and played a hefty two hours’ of Doom. Haven’t played a proper game in years, it’s all been games that N would enjoy. But not this time, and, hell yeah, it was awesome good fun. Like starring in my own sci-fi movie. Glad I was able to wait; picked up the games at a premium, and didn’t pay for the pc myself. So there.


November 8th, 2017.

Got off to a good enough start on the new job. Right off the bat there’s a so-called hackathon and ideas are flowing from here to there, and the first prototype is done. I’m hoping it’ll take off from there. It’s a unruly place to be, for now, there’re a lot of jigsaw puzzles being thrown in the air, what with the restructuring of the entire IRS. So let’s see how they land. For now, the view is magnificent, i.e. across the water to the island of Amager, on the other side. So will be loving that for as much time as I possibly can.

October 31st, 2017.

Starting new job tomorrow – meant saying goodbyes today. Not as troublesome as one would think; I guess just having been there a year and a bit helps in that respect, no big send-off. And I have been, as I told’em, glad with being there. But this new gig will offer, first and foremost, access to the new technologies that I wish to explore, and will in turn bring me and mine into the future. And that’s a very important aspect to me, to be able to play around with new tech, and put it to good use. I want to be inspired, and thus become an inspiration to others; and I simply won’t find that with my current employment.

So, from tomorrow onwards will be back in the city again. Will enjoy that, and enjoy being closer to my friends as well. Should start working out with some of’em, if possible – it’s about time I got more serious about my physical form. Will also likely mean a change in my morning routines, apart from the extended travel time: V’s informed me that she’s at times a bit stressed out in the mornings, what with the kids needing getting up and the dog needing walking and what not. So I’m hoping I’ll afford a schedule that brings me to and fro early on Mondays, where’s her writing class, and somewhat later on the remaining days so I might help out during the early hours.

So had to hand in the Surface Pro device I’d been using, sucks. But, hey, the keypad wasn’t my thing, and there’ll be new hardware on the horizon soon. Penning this on the ol’e Thinkpad T530 I nicked from the Parliament. Rather bland, and thick, but reliable – just like me.

October 22nd, 2017.

Got the wife and kids back. Former in a foul mood; apparently her dear mum hadn’t played nice with her. Lots of small things that snow-balled into bigger ones, a lot of history. Not so much, by and by, dissecting the why’s – I guess we all know the reason for her flawed nature. All the jealousy, the bitterness, well, it’s her life. V’s regret is that she feels like she has to broker a truce between them, her dad and her mum, who seperately confide in her their grievences. Heck, I wouldn’t want to be her, so here’s my sympathy extended. Was happily in a good mood myself, having accomplished a damn lot – if I must say to myself – and had the personal surplus to deal with it. But I do wonder what had become of us, if I hadn’t been such a grounded individual. If I must say to myself. And I must – for these are my pages.

So a wind-me-down Sunday, where I played games with N, and drank a lot of coffee, and, memorably, retreated to the public library to pen this and, first and foremost, at least work on my own stuff for an hour so as to deem it a worthy day.

October 20th, 2017.

Splitting headache, probably from being shy of coffee for the last day or so. Am busy installing the new kitchen sink, so only now got it done and had closed down on the water, wherefore – no coffee. Had some in my system now, so hope the headache will go away soon.

Busying myself with the kitchen remodelling. Am not terribly pleased with the counter-top I got – it scratches too easily. Ah well. Generally OK with the work I’m doing. It’s give and take, and this time I’m likely giving away too much that I’d like, but, hey, my standards have gone down since of late. Still just biding my time until we can sell the house, eh? But it’s true.

V and the kids at Funen, allows me the time to work on this and not much else. Thank God they took the dog with them – it would’ve bothered me no end, and I’d’ve never gotten much done with it here. If it ain’t the kids taking up my time…

Will quit bitchin’ and get back to work, now.