Out to the end of Norrebro to help friends and relatives move the girlfriend’s stuff to the third floor, and even in some cases down again. Quite a gathering, then of course it was a move of two people, not one. Great-looking apartment; spacious and with a nice kitchen. Balcony, out by the bedroom. Deemed reasonable, absolutely. Stayed till near six, then left the new owners to their own devices; i.e. their bit of fun, unpacking. Missed the market on my way back, as they closed at five. Bought a loaf of bread, tedious diet but cheaper than fast-food. Healthier. Details, details… Nice day out. Spring-time. ~~~ Thus ends the quarter of the year on a positive note. Perso­nally, financially, socially, all around even or greater score. As Spring-time comes to town, things are looking up. Indeed, if they were looking any more up I’d break my neck. Financially; even when other investors seemed ready to leap from their high towers, I seem to have arrived at a status quo situation, where my portfolio is loaded with telemarket-stocks which may not exactly be ripe for the picking, but a bargain for the price just the same. No fears by the end of the year I’ll be glad I held on to them. No liquidity crises, I can afford that wait. Full able to credit myself with a few sound choices made in the right place and time; such as the purchase of the Lundbeck-stock at a more than fair value. Presently find myself in a win-win situation, where the stocks may drop for all I care, as this will only heavily increase the chances of a takeover that’ll rocket the price. Socially; all’s well at work, sure, but of course it’s the girlfriend-situation I’m rooting for. As of this present day the distance has decreased dramatically, to a mere five minutes on a bicycle from this apartment. A money-saver, absolutely; though am sure it’ll prove a time-spender, also. Evens out, not in the slightest bit: Will be spending much time there, indeed as much as possible, but all said and done I’m happy she’s here, closer, the few mitigating disadvantages pale in comparison with the promises of her compa­ny. A pleasing premise yes, a joke this new corner of the Capital. Hopeful I’ll get to see more of it, soon enough. ~~~ First quarter past me now. Didn’t find the ambitious start of the year I’d hoped for, but one new found quality in life makes up for that in every respect I can think of. Even if this quarter had been the last of the year and I had accomplished as little throughout, the year would’ve been a complete and utter success. In other words; from here onwards, I don’t see how I could fail. I really don’t. What is gained on a personal level holds the potential of making up for all bad things I’ll come across. First quarter past me now. Will not try and top it in the next; I haven’t the temerity. I sincerely hope I never will, for that’ll mean I’ve adopted the arrogant attitude I’ve always found so dreadful with others of that demeanour. Much rather focus on the here, now: For now, it’s where my happiness lies. An entire quarter of the year ahead, even two more to go beyond that such an anticipation of the time to come as I’ve seldom enjoyed. Good things have come my way. By now I’m wise enough not to qu­estion why, rather count the days carefully. ~~~ Tomorrow Sunday. Am hoping for a quiet day.