Made it count; ran to Hobro and back. Well, out to the freeway, ten times two in a crazy wind. Ever glad I managed, of course. Could’ve been the basis for a mild head-ache later in the evening, the getting back and resting for odd hours before making what little I found left of the evening. Drove to Hobro again on that notion, for a visit with the old theatre there. Saw ‘Proof of Life’; sufficiently laid-back movie of little effort. Crowd of three usual size audience. Always good to see the old place again, it’s a much cared-for setting. Back by half eleven, ready to move to bed. ~~~ My quiet day. This for the sake of discipline, really. A physical challenge more than all else; now for the remainder of this holiday will concentrate on other, scholastic matters. One call to the girlfriend, at work; good to hear her voice, but a short day since that occurrence. Building anticipation, till the late Sunday I’m back. A bit of something to look forward to, I should think. Sent a postcard in advance of my arrival, in the hope of bringing out that smile I like. ~~~ Tomorrow Wednesday. Time to get to work on the course. Will take me longer than needs be, on account of the tools I have to do with though that might just prove a blessings in disguise. Would like to get something out of the day; believe I owe myself as much. Midweek. Am hoping for a quiet day.