Summer. Funny thing: It used to be, at least for me, the time of Winter that marked the slowing down of all things. Time to rest, stock up on energy well needed by the coming of the spring. Yet for all traditions I this day found myself the joyful victim of a remarkable ease. Did everything slowly, deli­berate. Thoughtful, even. Certainly a change from that Summer of last year, fresh in recollection. Where ever did I get all that energy from. Escapes me, now. No hope of a repeti­tion. Once more, a deliberate move. And logical, alike: For I have not that kind of energy. And so this Summers has the pro­spect of being the season for recharging, not the Winter. Hope he takes no offence. A nice premise for the season which started this day. So very clearly remember the last time I oversaw the Summer months with that very concept in mind, ‘deliberation’, and the memory is fond with me. Shall attempt to honor it with all due diligence. ~~~ Tomorrow Monday. Am hoping for a quiet day.