Could’ve used the day better, but never found the spirit. Not that it turned out all terribly bad, said and done. Not without a tad bit of shame even found (…) the time at work to further an all-out private project. Never matter I’ve a bit coming to me, in my mind, of course. Tomorrow will go and finish the above project, ship it off. Concludes the first gig for the firm, now shall prove interesting to see if it leads to other assignments. As said, it’s a different priority. Number one remains the course(s). On that topic found a better day. Quite the surprise to find something actually working out, of course only to see other things fail where I thought I had the func­tionality behind them under control. Alas, not so. High hopes the extended weekend will mark the time I’m near done with it, or at least left with only minor alterations to consider, before turning it in if ever. Will certainly know where to spend my time in the upcoming days, as deadlines seem to be approaching rather rapidly and beyond consideration of other matters. But let’s see how it all goes. ~~~ Other than the above, a trifle of a day. Such have I constructed and adhered to my life these days, a shift between work and studies, back and forth. Not much time for what else, when sadly there’re quite a number of things I’m curious to commit to. Added the usual batch of chores and things-to-be-done, it’d be safe to say I’m one anxious fellow to get on with things. Past the 25th of this month, equals the day of turning in the project, am out to mark the transition: Rearran­ging the furniture, to name a physical task meant to prepare me for what’s to come and as a means to straighten things out. The intray is near overflowing and the desk most assuredly constitues an awful mess. Will do me good to find an order of things again. Have had to let go for a beat to concentrate on matters at hand, free from that named constraint will know what to do with my time. Add a bit of focus to sweet personal matters. See to the finances. And go for a run again. Three weeks since my last, some sad six kilometers. Shall prove interesting, for sure, to note how my physique handles the pause. Four months till the Aarhus Marathon leaves much to be decided yet. ~~~ Tomorrow Friday. The course, work, little besides. Will go for rolls, make it a decent morning. Then sit down by the computer, sum up the concentration. Get on with it. All there is to do. Friday. Am hoping for a quiet day.