Up and past work for a spell, adding conclusion to effort on the private gig. Took me longer than expected, though on account of fooling around with other matters as well. Good to have come through in style, or at least so I would like to think. Now it’s a matter of bills and deductable consumers’ tax, and what have you. No clue as to the how and where and when, will need to study up on the practicals. At any rate; money in the back seems worth the while, if even my price was perhaps a bit low. Worth the contact, though. A good name to be doing business for, the govermnent railways. ~~~ My quiet evening of moving to and fro the studies, cleaning house, making dinner. On the phone with dad for a quarter of an hour. No greater news, etc. Though, he’s a hard working man these days, running overtime on account of deadlines and the such. No worries, he’ll get what’s coming to him in the end, money or extended holiday. ~~~ Worth a note, the day’s conclusion; saw ‘Bed of Roses’ on the box, magnificient love story starring Christian Slater and Mary Stuart Masterson. Always fond of the both of them in what choices they’ve so far made I’ve seen, this one proved no exception. Basic story of love overcomes loneliness, I very much enjoyed the execution and setting, deserves a mention. My right kind of romance, was glad to have taken the time. Nice way to end the day, good call. Will try and get hold of a copy. ~~~ Tomorrow Saturday. Aim to take care of details on the course have been bugging me for a while. With what taken care of I should be further than ever in having at least something to prove for my time, lest mention something to turn in come deadline-time. Up relatively early, going for rolls. Saturday. Am hoping for a quiet day.