Ever impressed by the fashion in which we’re able to estab­lish a delimiter around the particular scene we wish to maintain as an illusion contrasting what lies beyond the borders. If even the illusion will not hold up, I cannot find it to make light of the subject; such a powerful sensation considered, I would be mocking human nature. Most certainly it appears a sought-for retreat, then in other cases it becomes a matter of keeping a sudden, singular impression. Reminding of times that were or could come to be or an escape from a world that seems so far too big for a fragile spirit; both honorable causes alike. I see only the harm in grasping the notion, but then I’ve always been able to note the wrongdoing in taking to extremes. However, if done right it’s really a marvelous catalyst for moving forward, in measured steps. In all of my short life I have yet to meet the one who is able to overlook everything, rhyme and reason. Of course I have a spell to go, at least I so certainly hope so, still it seems unlike I ever will meet one such wordly-­wise (verbatim) charac­ter. What we do and must is look to and define these delimeters, and try and establish our place within the world the one we decide upon as ours. They pass barely noti­ced, these sessions, only as happened to be the case tonight when the illusion appears suddenly minimal we’re even aware of its existence. In the practical example I stood and look up and down the quiet street from Anja’s fourth floor frensh balcony; part rememberance, full above realization, for lack of a better word. Suffice so state it dawned on me. Better. Believe the concept has been around for a beat, only took me a little while to put words to it. No conclusions; it?s not that kind of con­templation (Which is to say, one that is better lived than credited). Enough to state, for the record, I do believe in it, very much so, live by it, hppily. Has been a while since I trusted in it to guide me past turbulent times, so perhaps I should conclude as much as I?ve made friends with it. Certainly enough to look upon it as a helping hand, but what might else be the verdict upon this, that helps you find your place. Important subject matter. Know even of one time when I thought it as important as my xxxxxxx, the confirmation of one self in others. Definitely high on my list. ^^^ Out to the Copenhagen Business School to do some consultancy work. A challenge, the paperwork?s a mess. At any rate a bit of a change from the regular seven to five. Peculiar thing; sat down for lunch with these students of all sorts, overheard snippets of conversation, the struggles of scholarship and social obligations alike had me albeit for a brief spell somewhere in, what, 1994? 1995? Made little of it; noted the peculiarity and let go of it. If there?s a time for such thoughts it was years ago. Perhaps, who knows, will be again some day. But certainly noticable, the feeling. ^^^ Came back and straightened things out. Hung the Bornholm art on the wall after many a rearranging. Sent off the return-tax cheques to Ulla. During the weekend finally came to the buttom of the receipts, forms, files. It would seems things?re looking up, financially. A bit of money set aside for worser times. Good to be at the buttom of the stuff, has bothered me for the duration of work on the course project. Found the exam-papers in the door, will be defending (…) the paper on the 18th or 19th of next month, June. Should prove a new experience, at the very least. In short, a time to pick up on details. Not that much time, still a libera­tion from the latest month and a half of life. Shall try and make good use. Notably, the Summer?s here. Offers a revisit with some familiar places. Haven?t been Downtown in business other than movie-going for ages. Should go for the people-watching. Added a bonus of a different angle: that of taking this city up on its offerings whenever couples are involved. ~~~ Tomorrow Tuesday. Am hoping for a quiet day.