Friday concluded the consultancy-job with the Copenhagen Business School. Little to it, still ’twas good to have it over and done with. Hadn’t heart and mind in it, and they seemed pleased to be rid of me as well. Goverment official probing their records never expected them to celebrate my presence. Could be they were simply embarrased about the mess they’ve made of the paperwork. Nothing in the place it’s supposed to be. Never matter. Notion of sudden; if I had been sent deeper Downtown, to the old Academy by the Forum, had I found a greater respect for this castle of scholarship. Don’t think so. One way or the other would’ve found much use for it. These students, they seem taught the proper techniques and phrases, and they seem apt at using them in the right matter of context. But still they lack the experience of life, and the choice of priority studying and social life is one they would hate to make. Cellphones and small-talk on the party of next weekend. Can’t blame them for being young, mere stating of fact; it’s not for me. Oan, the majority of upper class surprised me a bit. Not many scruffy characters around, as they certainly fit this new, polished building to a near perfect tee, most of them. Little variation in color and demeanour, and with those that do stand out there’s the tendency to overdo it. Again, no blame on my part. They are ever under pressure to fit in, and of course jump at the chance. Never a bad feeling, to be part of something good. I may be jumping to conlusions, here. Still it’s hard for me to see how they could afford the clothes, the laptops, the cellphones, with a student’s income. Arh, so what if the money’s there. Parents will want the best for their children. And social boundaries have to start somewhere and it’s not high-school, is it now. Noted and dismis­sed, all said and done. ~~~ Eased into the weekend. Actually a bit of a holiday, as includes the Monday and Thursday for the purpose of Easter. Rusty on my Theology; forgot just now what we’re celebrating. Friday afternoon ended the working day past the Palads Movietheatre. Two-hour special-effects romp, not terribly bad but nothing terribly great, either. Hardly intelli­gent entertainment. ­Do not capture my imagination they way they used to do it, these kind of films, even the grandest of special effects only seem to spell out ‘more of the same’. Repetitions on a theme. Will be more selec­tive in the future. Funny thing, the above; this Saturday sat down by the computer and in complience with curiosity spent a little while on matters perhaps more suited a boy of half my age. Bit of an instant flashback, somet­hing. In my defense I have not sought entertaining myself much the month and half past, in preparation of the course project. In self-reproach should find better things to do with my time. Somewhat thankful of my better judgment, which at the very least sees to it I turn these sudden notions around in my mind more than once, i.e. the time of its birth. Remember as a child how quickly I acted on a sudden notion; evidence of the big surplus of energy and time I must have had. Now it’s a different life, and certainly my priorities are different; I could find better things to do with my time than pursue self-enjoyment. There are rewards to be gained I’m sure, yet I also recognize the need to fight for them, to win them, before reaping them. If I have come a bit of the way, I’m very far from done. If anything I need to work harder at it. Sit down with a decent litterary work, to name a thing I haven’t done much of by the lately. Or seek out some preliminary work on the next course. Enough to do, as alternative to wasting my time in the above childlike manner. Serious times, are these. Should act more accordingly. Easy ways out often miss because they fail to realize the potential of those who seek them out, when he or she who does had perhaps better sought the challenge of expanded knowledge, self-realization. Was glad I spent the time on that course project, in as much as it offered me the chance to extend on my humble abilities within the range of that course. A challenge; would like to believe I overcame it (of course the final exam on the 18th will go to show). So done can’t afford to rest on my laurels; enough to tend to. Had my week’s rest. Now back to work. ~~~ Tomorrow Monday. Am hoping for a quiet day.