Up by near noon, spent n number of hours at work, sts, trying to put together a little something Karsten wanted me to look into. Foresee some 60-70 hours to it, hope to gain a bit of overtime by it. Added the bonus of how it’s worth my while to learn some of these techniques before the next course, where hopefully I might benefit herefrom. Interesting stuff, hours flew by me. Dropped by work for a breath of fresh air and some papers as well, incidentally found aforementioned boss there, slaving over papers of his own. Married to it, I deem him. Printed out the curriculum requirement list, moved back home and past dinner began to study up on before the exam. Never a better time, less than a fortnight sees the day. Gave me a few ideas on the presen­tation. Will do my best with it, of course, still it’s not and never was my favorite course of interest. Will me glad when it’s hopefully well behind me. ~~~ End of the little holiday. Didn’t make it count as well as I could’ve liked, to all the fault of my own. A bit of this and a bit of that and not really any major work on either. Did get out for a brief run, which was nice. Still uphill from here, when I move, my thighs ache with pain for the first mile or so, until the blood circulation gets going or whatever’s the problem. And the lack of energy, Jesus. But it’s only natural I should feel this weary, I suppose, the whole of last year considered. If anything I should probably do a full quarter year’s rest, stay away from it altogether. Don’t see it happening, though. Not in this Summer, anyway. Anyways. Her company ever welcome of course; Fulfilled her anticipations and saw ‘Some Like It Hot’ at the Imperial, half-price on account of my many previous trips to the combined Nordic Film Theatres. Excellent Billy Wilder comedy, very much enjoyed the spectacle, really got into it. Wonderful cast of stars, no-one deserves to be mentioned before any of the others. Still his, Wilder’s, and Diamons’s ‘One, Two, Three’ is better, in my mind, but this one is up there. Left the place with a smile. Went to the nearby stakehouse for dinner. Back here afterwards. Nice evening out. ~~~ Details, details… Whatever would I do without. Tomorrow Wednesday. Personally anticipated evening; will be at the Tivoli for a new convert experience, is the plan. High hope of a plea­sent event. Came to remember the annual jazz-festival, which lurks near this date, should look into it. Of course there’s the working day; enough to do. Really the season of overtime begins shortly. Something to look forward to? Ah, well… Brief week of just three days. Can’t say I seriously mind. Wednesday. Am hoping for a quiet day.