Much studying towards the upcoming exam, Monday next. Makes for a bunch of predictable days of work, rest, studying, sleep. Ah, but it will not be the end of me, will it, and efforts go to a grander purpose of getting on with it, for better or worse. Nice weekend, oan, got around to what I had in mind and met up with Bo on some virtual playground. And the girlfriend stopped by Sunday, had a nice time. Watched some old American teenage-flick with John Cusack, amongst others, laid back and fell asleep on the couch. Nothing to the day; a bit of work-work in the evening, was all the challenge I found. Now near halfway through the working week; enough to do, and at home am dedicating myself in the abovementioned fashion, of studying, i.e. This entry for the sake of appearance, rather than all else. Tomorrow Wednesday. Will try and fight off weariness upon my return from work, get some studying in before she stops by. A whole different priority altogether, yet one I’d better dedicate myself to in no lesser way than those that go before it. Weekend up ahead, exam pending. Beyond which my reward added time will go into good use. A bit of something to look forward to, but for now it’s hitting the books. Wednesday included, naturally. Am hoping for a quiet day.