Saturday spent on Funen, wining and dining at her brother’s and his girlfriend’s garden party. Horrid affair; tremendously boring people, nowhere near any aspect of my liking. Could’ve made more of it, but too much work to very little avail, it seemed. Went for a bit of a walk to restore my sanity to last me throughout the remainder of the afternoon turned evening, and much to her credit she remained highly symphatetic of my neutral mood. Even took me for a walk. Maybe the thing didn’t turn out the way she had planned, either; she seemed somewhat down by the end of it, on the train-ride out. Anyways. Over and done with. Ever thankful. Never my kind of thing. I who for one even utterly dislike spending time with my own family, having to consort with that of another, where I look around but find no one I know, just seems like too much of a good thing(…). ~~~ Back to retrieve my Sunday. Back home near 9, went for rolls and made damn sure I found a slow start of the day. Rested for a bit. Then on to studying: Final efforts before the course exam, tomorrow Monday. Know beforehand I’ll be making little of it, or at least try and make it seem so. Not my favorite course, as I always held little interest in the subjects at hand I fail to see how I could ask for more than a hand-out come the exam. Will happily settle for a break-even in trade of this early Summer’s efforts, even the many frustrating hours despite. But let’s see how it fares. If all comes to the worst, I am ensured the exact same topics within the course will arise again, next semester. I could make the next round, no worries. Of course am hopeful it won’t come to that; would like to have it over and done with. ~~~ In the evening out for a little walk, before turning in. My kind of evening. A bite to eat and to bed a big past Midnight. Tomorrow Monday. Hopeful the upcoming week will at least seem longer than this one, past me by this time. Monday. Am hoping for a quiet day.