Passed the exam Monday, somewhat thankful. If not in flying colors, there’s but reason for rejoice as far as I’m concerned. Never made much of it, this course, as it never caught my interest, and in as much I’m simply happy to see the heel of it. Still can’t look back and admit to myself the time spent was worth the effort. Especially in the latter days of the damn thing was tired to death with slaving over stuff I have little desire to learn Now it’s on to other, better things. Still, in a time where I can afford little else, it’s good to stand back and regard a result such as this. Trading my time, yes, in a year that holds the prospect of turning out, well, different from expectations. If last year I accomplished everything in terms of studying, testing myself, working overtime, visiting with the financial markets, this one has so far seen altogether different priorities I never really knew where I had. Of social awareness, for example, but also, I suppose, a matter of facing the limits of a tired physique. Have yet a long while to go before I have fulfil­led the aspiration of consolidation, as stated in the last entry of the past year. But must say this exam past me sees the first step in that direction, and it’s not the worst feeling ever. Now, on short-term goals; should look to the finances, try my hand at gaining ground there. Remains a priority, then in the background lurks a new course I would like to study up on, beforehand. Also, work has the potential to keep me busy for a while. Enough to go round believe now there’s a bit more time to distribute. Pat on the back. Good enough. ~~~ Tomorrow Wednes­day. Certain girl’s birthday, will of course be past in the evening. Am hoping for a quiet day.