Array of hot days. Forth storey adds to the heat in the Summer and to the cold in Winter. Storey of my life, pardon the pun. A bit of strolling Downtown to the day, a bit of company included. All very nice indeed. Back and rested for a spell, then hit the books. Still biding my time to the new course by studying up beforehand, chosen strategy. Seems the proper choice: Tomorrow will go and work overtime with the firm, get some hours in as opposed to trying to secure a fixed extra income elsewhere. So there’s a bit of change I was out for, and still I find the time to go about personal matters. Nice bit of compromi­se, I dare say. ~~~ Sis out to spend the night, good to see her again. Made some meat sauce, an evening out of it. Talked a bit, if never across serious subject matters. She seems happy with her sudden change in lifestyle, as with the new company she’s found. Mentions her old habitat and the rather disturbed girl she shared the apartment with, this in no symphatetic tone; what she’s really saying is that she’s for now, at least tired of the hectic days and reckless nights, and I might only agree with Mum in as much as it’s about damn time she agreed on some sort of piece of mind. Got that high-school chip off her shoulder. She keeps promoting all sorts of different angles to it, but really that’s where it originates, in the drastic change from minor league to high-school, high-school to grown-up in by far too seesaw turns as opposed to a smooth transition. At any rate. If she’s finally come to terms, so much the better. Seems happy all but the world, as far as I’m concerned. ~~~ Tomorrow Sunday. Will go and get some hours in. Enough to do, it’s the new be­ginning of my busy fall, catching that early flight. Never minded the work, as long as there’s a compensation for my time. Looking forward to it, really, to not wasting my time on a perfectly workable day, sts. Besides the above will study some more. On to interesting topics, of Internet programming and the sorts. Fascinating stuff, it’s amazing what you can do. Good for motiva­tion, the personal intrigue towards the subject. Sunday. Am hoping for a quiet day.