I suppose what makes me a happy man is that I cannot think of anything that I need or couldn’t possible be without? ‘More of the same’ strikes up an answer, yet considered the kind of long-term planning I like to go by it doesn’t really apply, not just yet and not before the end of this decade. If even at times I become too eager and forego my commitment to the above, the lessons are never painful and their effect always long-lasting. In brief, I’m here where I would not like to be anywhere else, and that’s indeed a measure by which one should feel glad and thankful to have arrived at. As I wish not to exclude myself, I hereby join that crowd. It’s a fair weather up ahead. By the end of the year I will have shot the resolution of the new year to hell, still damned if I’ll admit to having set a wrong foot, granted the remainder of the year behaves in the fashion of this one half come and gone. And so ‘consolidation’ steps aside in favor of an added knowledge of the world. One that I eagerly claim. The impression is one of a newfound complexity I hasten to act upon, and learn from as much as ever possible. In reality I’ve gained access to a new window of the world; a brand-new aspect entire. Valuable one. Makes me a better man, in as much as I can take this knowledge and now apply it to my surroundings. Immediately put it to use. A tangible addition to my perspective, one might deem it. Also there’s the added effect of how it even applies to the layers of experience that came before it. I look back at some of the things which in my time has struck me as worth my contemplation, and for the better not worse they now appear more or less valuable to me. Nothing more to add about it, at this point. The year is not by an end just yet, and from hence to that point is a worthy period of time. If I must draw conclusions on newfound knowledge, I’ll be sure to have seen it all before appraising that my find. ~~~ When the World comes to a financial slow one obeys, for that’s all one can do. In a brief hindsight I may have been very lucky indeed in the brief time from my introduction in the market and to now, with near one year past of a universal slowdown. The profitwarnings and produc­tion- and job-cuts are indeed staggering; I remain thankful I’m not more directly afflicted. As is, at least in one way I’m adhering to the new year’s resolution. Or, well, sort of; with every paycheck in the mail I add to my funds, and to a sooner-the-better personal benefit I’ve managed to line up what little stock I have now in favor of an end-of-the-year reward of patien­ce. But let’s see how it all goes. Again, I truly have all I need just this instance, and will not let the facts and facets of an global economic slowdown cause for unnecessary worries. The original stock are still in their firm prime, untouched by the rattled markets  indeed it pays to invest in the future, in more ways than one. And lest I forget, the networth of this apartment of mine has damn near gone through the roof. Should I chose to sell it tomorrow, I stand to gain tremendously. Such an excellent timing, absolutely. All in all a win-win situation, despite how things just at this point are a bit beyond my con­trol. Did I before speak of knowledge? Interpreting these abbrea­viations and numbers following suit grants an interesting view of the world, hitherto unbeknownst. Again, a bit of something for the year’s conclusion. Conclusion for now remains the above, win-win. If there’s anything I should change, I have to a trifle of a distress spent too much money. Part in securing the year’s number one, personal investment, part in simple squandering. Noted here for the purpose of self-blame, which for the second part of the year I’ll here on onwards adhere to. Besides that tiny hick-up, I’m still firmly in control. Ever nearing my goal. Good enough. ~~~ Whilst on the subject of nearing goals. Passed the exam on the course, now moving on to the next. Was glad to have passed this one, even more so as in the beginning of the thing I proved less attentive and later had to make that up, in an array of highly efficient days and nights. Boring like hell, not in the slightest way interesting or even very fun to be part of, but to hell with it, it’s over and gone and passed to everyone’s recog­nition. Would’ve hated to have laid that half year to waste. Now on account of the contrary situation, due to a personal kick in the butt, the end is even nearer in sight. Will still take me a year even beyond this next course, but it’ll be worth it. Cer­tainly financially and job-wise the effort put in now will trigger a substantial bonus. If not all then definitely a senti­ment behind the plan. It’s a nice deal, having one else see to the bill. Might well be I couldn’t’ve timed this one better, either. A stroke of luck, but then I’ve always been lucky in this fashion, haven’t I. Now there’s a few pages in their own right, but it’s really not the time and place. Instead let me add a notch, study up on a few things and hit the next one running. ~~~ A few, busy days at work. Not the introduction to the hectic Autumn just yet, but I’m assured it’s right around the corner. A bit of overtime, to my liking. As the work itself. Still no news of the raise; can wait till the end of the year to remind him, Karsten, at his expense of a Christmas bonus. At late have been fortunate to look into some different, rather more interesting projects than the usual scanning business; good for keeping me alert, applying what I learn off the course(s). Hopefully there’ll be more of that, in the near future. No conclusions here. Clear case of all’s well, etc. ~~~ Stopped running altoget­her. When I feel it in my bones, there never was a better time. One might say I’ve been saving up for this occasion, and now cashing in. Bothers me only slightly. There will be a time and plce for that sort of physical exercise yet, and I haven’t been seen the last of in that regard. ~~~ About sums it up. Decent half year, by any vital measure. If I’ve any beef with myself; I could’ve been less of a big spender with my time. But the last half of the year will remedy that, I’m adamant. In a bit of looking forward, I’ve but to ensure I implement the second half much in the way of the first. On a personal note in regards to these pages, perhaps my current style of pen does not account for those ever important details I do manage to come across from time to time. For one who finds his pleasure in little thigns, I’ve for some reason seemed to avoid actually penning them. A good book, a worthy hour spent listening to fine music, lest I mention the odd call with the nearby theatres; will be the sooner the better in recalling these things within the scope of these pages, and not lose them before a sudden lapse of recollection. ~~~ Sic. Could’ve managed better or worse I’m sure, yet terribly pleased with the settlement I derived. All else remains speculation, a fine concept in its own right yet best used in looking up, ahead, and not applying hindsight. A bit of a second term of the year, with the groundwork laid down I see no reason to declare myself satisfied just yet. Somewhat anticipative, I must admit. A good half, this one. ~~~ Tomorrow Sunday. Am hoping for a quiet day.