From work straight to the movies. Saw ‘State And Main’ at the Dagmar, one of, what, 10 people? in the audience on a nice Summer afternoon. Great piece of work by David Mamet; on a American smalltown overrun by a Hollywood production crew. Funny satire, in subtlety so well-wrought one cannot help the notion of how the film in its portrayal of the various crew-members only misses reality by a beat. William H. Macy needs be singled out for his swiftly mood-changing director, though David Paymer and Philip Seymour-Hoffman also deserves credit where it’s due. Nice casting on the film. About, smile, the quest for purity. Or, ‘Thoughst shall not bear false witness’, qouting the movie. If even at times the difference between keeping it real or selling out is hard to spot, it’s there alright. Hesitant to take it further, in as much as I’ve probably not yet digested the many layers of the film correctly. But a good one, felt good and funny to watch. ~~~ Back home listend to a bit of Elfman, lend me by the vacationing Bo compensation for my tending to his plants while he’s away with Pernille. A very good one, actually one of the best from his hands to my liking. To his immense credit, his scores are as diverse as the films he choses to collaborate on. This one very melodic in the places it so choses, dramatic and riveting where called for. A lively composition, but definitely worth the money I didn’t spend for it. ~~~ A few calm days at work, past a week of overtime and a few deadlines. Found the time to look into some projects alternative to scanning questionaires. Interesting stuff, and I’m learning a bit every day. Making an ass outta myself when calling upon colleagues to solve the slightest problems in existence, still I guess these kind of things need come and go a number of times before the system is cleared of them, sts. Thankful for the experience; will do me good, if I’ve anything to say. Plan to make it count, anyways. ~~~ Tomorrow Thursday. Am hoping for a quiet day.