Read through the first half of the second book of the History of Rome, by Titus Livy. As good as its repute, to my judgment it’s intriguing stuff. One may doubt the origin of the legends, be they Greek or Roman, still there’s no question as to the appeal of the tales. Not to mention the lessons of the history. Where there’s no possible way to confine to memory the names and ranks of the countless individuals involved, the gain is to be sought, as history will have it, from the morales. He’s not quick to provide them, Livy, but of course that’s not his job, he’s not the philosopher pondering. What he does, he does well, when I lay down the volumes (but the first five of them, combined in one book) it’s on account of weariness, not dreari­ness. Fascinating. Was especially struck by the ingenious efforts by which the center of Romulous’ World came to be, i.e. in how the early Kings would increase the now capital’s size by ‘in­viting’ the peoples whom they overcame in various battles to Rome, offer them citizenship and, in time, influence in the senate. A good read, will have the pleasure of it for a while to come, ultimately offer a grander review. ~~~ Quite day. Obligated in no certain direction managed a little bit of everything. Rested a comfortable beat, then went for rolls. Watched a bit of motor­sports on the box, then surrendered to rest even further. Read for a while, followed by studies in advance of the next course, come September. Capped the day with a visit to the movies: Made it a decent trip, seeing ‘Evolution’ at the Palads. An Ivan Reitman comedy starring David Duchovny and Orlando Jones, added Julianne Moore to make the threesome of scientists called to battle various forms of pestersome Aliens. Never one for the clever mind, yet a whole-hearted funny film which scored its big and minor laughs in the most honest fashion, i.e. resulting from a witty and as well-directed as it was acted script. Laughed and smiled accordingly, and left with a suitably lightened heart and frame of mind. A good one. ~~~ Back by half twelve, added an hour before ’twas time to go to bed. A day to the liking. New week awaits; as happens the one week left before it’s time for a bit of a holiday, back with the folks. A bit of something to look forward to, if not the sole reason I’m sure this upcoming week shall pass me by soon enough; past the few deadlines of yester­week, work proves less challenging than usual. Time on hand to get to work on some of the tools I use to improve on the data I turn over. On a personal level plan to do my share, studying and reading, what with the girlfriend tending to her own matters for a halfweek to come. Monday. Am hoping for a quiet day.