Impressions of a grand holiday. Inspired by the working week leading up to it steadily lowered the pace to fit a near dead man; beyond the first few days rested comfortably at length. Though that’s anticipating events; had the girlfriend with me, spent a few good days taking in the Summer scene of the Mariager Inlet and surrounding territory. Never made it very far, at furthest to Aarhus, but what we found made for a great tour just as well. Arrived Sunday of late, got in the car and drove to Klejtrup, saw the Map of the World there. Hardly worth the admission, but a nice enough way to end the day. Took the Mer­cedes round to Haerup aswell, by way of sudden notion. As would happen, a number of changes leaves the scene quite far from old memories of long gone Summer holidays. Somewhat to my expec­tations, one must add. Back by the way of Bjerregrav, a very brief visit with the old school, and Moldrup. Came Monday; First and foremost out to Randers, to the local rainforest there, true to tale yet absurd as it sounds. An experience equalling the exotic title of the place, presenting an array of strange and wounderous fauna and foe alike. A compelling place, this unique spot in the midst of the plain town of Ran­ders. Later on shared a picknick on in the public park preceding the above attraction; then parked the car and went for a walk up and down the main shopping thoroughfare. Quit the city in favor of the beach at Oster Hurup, by the early afternoon not as crowded as one might fear. Brought a blanket and rested for an hour or so on the very beach, until it grew too cold to stay. Near the end of the afternoon by that time, deemed a trip round the Inlet a worthy end of the day. From Hadsund past Assens to Mariager; parked on the town square, sat down for a drink on the old tavern, the Postgaarden. Bought the traditional ice-creams and walked up to the beautiful church and back. ~~~ And so it seems none of the familiar faces remain, or at least they stay out of sight and thus equally mind. I do no regret the loss; never on the lookout, see, and anyways the time for something like that has come and gone. Sat there and ’twas only afterwards I recalled the time when, whevever I went, the odds of recogni­zing others were always with me. And the traditions I speak of, well, supposedly they’ll always appear to be just that, tradi­tions; but only when I so choose, and recalling them from hence will call on adjusting, adapting them. Such as a time like this, when calling upon an old scene with a new girlfriend on my arm. For the time when I automatically shut all out and moved back in time seems past, and soon enough there will be further than ever between the flashes. Enjoy thinking of it as a state of compla­cency, so to speak: Making room for more current memories, perhaps. For the like of me, I thought I would never allow my mind to slip like that, but that was rather from hanging on to things from basic fear of letting them go. The good old days were indeed not always good, as the lyrics go. So maybe I’m here where, as possibly stated already in some of the above, I’we what I always wanted and plenty of it to boot, and all from here will only be more of the same – thus the present takes away from the past, in an exchange of good to better. At least that’s how it feels, given to reason I should feel and concurrently do a better man. Another explanation is simply the approach of the natural expiration date of the faded images. Though that lacks much charm, so I’ll just let it pass, willingly. If it may, it can catch up with me some other day. Just this now it’s time to celebrate the present. So, without further ado, onwards the story goes: ~~~ On the following Tuesday drove to the Rebild area, walked in the hills. Alas left somewhat early, as yours truly had been mistaken on the timetable of the Inlet tourist ferry, ‘the Swan’ of Hobro hastened to that very town and secured our seats on the moving tourist attraction. A nice break from dri­ving; and later during the trip the sun came out and made it worth the while to stay on the deck, rather than in the cabin house. To Mariager and back, some sceny, two-hour route. Safely back found a quite spot to finish the lunch, before a bit of a walk down the main thoroughfare. Well into the late afternoon; had wanted to see the new Viking Long-house of Fyrkat, but the despicable admission of some half hundred kroner per person left me stupefi­ed and thus reclined the sight. The old, still func­tioning water-mill seemed as much worth a viewing instead. Ended the day in an exchange of Hobro for Randers; saw ‘Pearl Harbor’ at the Grand Theatre there, screened to a full audience. A very good film, I thought. To Vibeke’s liking a bit too patriotic, as will happen with these kind of American films. Yet for some reason or another I fell for it, happily, even. Lengthy (and rather expensive, I hear) feature, it ran some three hours but much to the combi­ned credit of Randall Wallace and Michael Bay I never found it dull or static in any way. A good film. ~~~ Wednesday saw the girlfriend to the train, though not before a visit to Downtown Aarhus. Past the place where I once lived. No doorphone as yet, so of course went inside and up to the fifth floor, had my look around. Strange sensation, being near that scene again. Again, magnicifient memories to it, even as much as to make me dare a return to the city at one point or another? Did immensely enjoy my stay. And for all sakes and appearences, the construction of the city has not come to a stop, quite the contrary. Found a place to park, took some two hours in window-shopping. Then had lunch in the park behind the city hall. Rested for a bit. Drove past the harbor to look at boats, if just to spend a few minutes before seeing the girlfriend off, at the station. Walked around on my own for a bit, though not for long, without aim or purpose. ~~~ As for the remainder of the holiday, did little if anything at all. In actuality finished Livy’s first five books and managed to study up on some of what I’ll be practicing within the bounds of the next course; but also slept an awful lot, as much as twelve hours to the days. Happily so; still it feels as if I’ve been in need, so will not bother myself about it. Spent some time with the folks, also walked the grounds in suitably solitary reflec­tions. As much as I ever accomplish when I’m back home, it seems, though in honesty intent and purpose never called upon the otherwise. In this fashion the holiday remainded a holiday, no question about it. Good to be back home, as it will prove equally good to return to the Capital, on the morrow. ~~~ Where at times I, to the best of my liking and knowledge, go too far out of my way not to pass vocal judgment, the private sentences born to lend their support to the words remain firmly intact. I do not see the harm herein, quite on the contrary I think I am perhaps not doing enough to make my belief heard. Of course in respect of others, where I cannot help but wonder if it’s not at times rather wasted, or at the very least not called for. In a reph­rase, I see no harm in passing judgment, as I do firmly believe it’s an integral part of us all, too valuable to be bargained with. Is it not in labeling our opponents, if I may, that we define ourselves, in as much as there’s a sameness of quality in what we chose to fight for compared to what we elect to oppose. Or, put differently, what ones likes offers the equal chance of adding to definition as what one dis­likes. In the above sense, to say of ourselves that we are capable of supporting every other notion that we ever come across, that’s is neither here nor there and a terribly inde­cisive state. A stand must be taken; either pro or con. We absolute must, it’s an inperative, standard requirement, well designed to suit our instincts of preservation. Should everyone only ever agree with each other, how on this Earth would we know what we stood for, what we believed in. Anything we ever heard would be repetitions of a theme, leading to a state of utter nowhere. The logic stands out, it’s so clear, I once more get the oppor
tunity to vent my theory of individuali­ty, based in ‘we are who we are, i.e. we exist, for as long as there will be those around us who maintain their individuality, also’. I.e., we have other people around us, reacting to us. Taking the above perma­nent agreement with strangers to heart may make the best diplomat ever born, yet as complete anonymity never aided distinctiveness along, how could we claim existence when in whomever we gazed upon we found only an exact replica of our­selves. Mind you I’m of course as ever on the matter of metaphy­sics setting no restraints and taking to extremes, still that should not take away from the concept behind the thoughts, i.e. the importance of upholding beliefs in the form of passing judgment, be it silently or very much verbally, of others. True to life, some have a rather brisk and unflattering way of going about this, be as it may. Just the same, even when the very slightest, most subtle manner is engaged towards the notion, of labeling others with whom we chose deny favor, we still find ourselves hard at work defining ourselves. Which, in conclusion, is of course the very idea behind it all, and also, incidentally, the reason as to why it’s rather simply something which we cannot change within ourselves, so deeply rooted as is. “Know yourself by your enemies” may have an immedi­a­tely ominous cling to it, yet (suitably watered down, I need not add) there’s also a very basic truth behind the saying. One we needn’t be ashamed about or try and deny ourselves for it’s indeed the brother of the single most basic truth, mentioned in the abo­ve. ~~~ Tomorrow Monday. Work awaits once more, doubt not there’ll be more to have
a go at as opposed to the while leading up to this break. But really in every respect there will be enough to work away at, especially in ways of studying some more; what with that I’ve manage to take in, now nears the time of practical approach, learning the tools of the job. Looking quite forward to it, actually, it’s inter­esting stuff. Oh, and now the Livy’s come and gone, I should shop around for another few volumes of interest. Details, details, I know. Yet such are their nature as to enhance my current situa­tion, in lack of them I would certainly find life a trifle boring and definitely less than productive. And whomever would willingly subject oneself to that dull assessment, I ask in only too well an awareness of the rhetorical(?) reply. In con­clusion, enough to tend to, will try my best, as always. New week awaits, my entran­ce into the late Summer, as would seem. Monday. Am hoping for a quiet day.