As I have predefined my sense of ‘culture’, the week proved an eventful one. Notable by two visits to the movies; ‘the Watcher’, American Thriller starring James Spader, flanked by Keanu Reeves and Marisa Tomei. Had a bit more in it than the usual thrillers of its kind, in treating the subject of recurring nightmares. Of demons unsorted with; seen before, perhaps, still a nicely executed film. Rather different, or, well, as different as could possibly be, proved “Bridget Jones’s Diary”, featuring Renee Zellweger in the part of the bewildered title-person. A much talked-about film, successful in most part (also a very funny comedy) because it exhibits the imperfections in all of us, of course ever present despite the media bombardment of very perfect people and their life-styles. A hard bit of something to live up to, then along comes this film and lets us (or those who need it, rather) know it’s alright not to resemble walking clouds in the air, forever untangible. A very good film, got the most of it even from the third front row of the Palladium. Incidentally, in standing in line at the Palads for ‘the Watcher’ one good-hearted girl came up to me and offered me a free ticket she couldn’t find use for herself. Thought that very kind of her. Should establish a habit of this kind of luck; every thousandth film would come for free. ~~~ A bit of reading; finished the Livy on Roman history, or at least the first fivehundred years or so. Excellent read; highly eventful, to say the least of it. General war-fare tactics aside, there’s as much philosophy to be gained from it as any other book with a more direct aproach to our lives and the intentions hereof. Grants me the notion I have perhaps not paid enough attention to this great part of literature, history. Always believed I would get my share from historic novels and biographies, when from the above experience it would seem I’ve been at a loss. Worth a bit of reflection in anti­cipation of further litterary acquisitions. While on the subject, one more title deserves mention: Brought home a collection of short stories from the Politiken Bookstore, by Guy de Maupassant. French author, never came across him until now, regrettably: It’s a very good read, much in the style of Henry James, I find though slightly inferior, naturally. Mainly about social tenden­cies, what I’ve read so far. Will finish the book before a further, better review but a pleasing prospect, I hasten to add here. ~~~ Social gathering at Anja’s expense called to arms by the girlfriend. Dreaded the fucking thing, and by no certain surprise, in ways of self-fulfillment, it turned out just that way. Thought of better uses of my time near all the way through. Am of course the more egocentric on account hereof; but it’s just not my style, can’t emphasize that enough, I shrink from these parties of conversation offering little but ‘I so enjoyed this or that’. When I could spend my time delving into subject matters to my own interest, and not that of others. A dire bore. ~~~ Tomorrow Monday. Near the completion of the book on the (pre)course, wouldn’t mind turning the last page sometime soon. Will read some more Maupassant. No foreshadowing the week ahead; bound to be a bit of peace and quiet before the September month, I foresee. Am hoping for a quiet day.