Downtown with Thor, sat down for a drink by Axeltorv. Reminiscent of the last time he came to town, but of course the days of Summer are numbered around this time. Talked for a bit, then retired to the apartment with a film and pizza. Regular night out. Good to see him again. A nice kid, I don’t think he could ever raise his hand in offence. Visible qualities; there’s not a thing about his trade he is unaware of. ‘S where his confidence stems from, which also in time will make him a leader of men. If he has any flaws it would be of a certain undefinable social lacking. He could, and indeed I believe he has, many times over, easily make a stand before a crowd, where in other, more intimate situations, I’m under the impression he’s left with a bit yet to learn. Perhaps where I come in? Am not so selfcentered as to think of myself as an experienced tutor in the field, though maybe I could at least offer the little I have so far gained, in the hope I may reveal some areas of opportunity beyond the more conventional approach. In any case I’m sure he’ll catch on, alright; despite his upbringing in the presence of someone clearly without aim or purpose, by his own hand he has come to the place where he is now, confident by his overcoming and with a clear view in his mind of where he’s on his way to. Hope all works out for him, the way he’d hoped. ~~~ A more than quiet day, far unworthy of its predecessor, the Monday. Back from work rested for an hour before moving Downtown; by his leave, Thor, around ten o’clock, did little more with the evening than return the rented movie and watch the Business News on CNN. No greater news on that front, incidentally, all’s hopefully well that ends well. More news of job cuts and ailing productions nothing to do but sit it out, i.e. clear the stocks at bargain prices if that’s what it takes, look to our research and imagina­tion for answers to our problems. Am sad to see it happen, of course, the global slowdown, if not because of personal reasons (am doing rather well, actually, that is to say rocking ever so slightly back and forth to my point of origin, gaining nothing but not really losing anything, eit­her): Where only a small year ago everything seemed possible and every day brought new innova­tions, readily implemen­ted, where one could feel the world turning, sts, today it’s a rather different pace. Perhaps for the better; grants us the chance to follow suit. Will go down as a very exiting period, no question that. Now it seems the concept has come and gone, ‘the new economy’. Thankfully the companies were so highly priced back then, they had very little conscience and financial troble as to allow for much funding into research and science; believe that’s what’ll carry us through by the end of this horrid season of poor ear­nings re­ports, i.e. that new, faster, better product everyone will need to keep up. Warehouses will be filled once more, consumers will invest, production goes up, etc. The World turns. A bit of something to look forward to. ~~~ Tomorrow Wednesday. Will try and finish the book on the pre-course, then hope to arrange to see the girlfri­end, somehow. Mid-week. Am hoping for a quiet day.