Finished Maupassant’s short-story collection; a read light in size though not capacity. Enjoyed an easiness about it I haven’t seen of late. Offers the opportunity of going in search as opposed to giving away the answers. As always; when there’s a tangible quality about the prose it’s enough to sense the structure to know that what one’s reading will indeed eventu­ally lead one somewhere. Suppose the challenge in many of these cases lies in going with the story, the characters, the flow of it, and not trying too much to ‘figure it out’, if I may. One thing I may have overdone, when in previous times I was less sure of myself. Only goes to show, etc. Despite the easiness of the read, everything I found to be perfectly valid. An excellent read. ~~~ More finishings: The pre-course book, i.e., the bit of head-start I wanted prior to the end of September’s enrollment. Well, almost, there’s another volume I should’ve taken in, also, but apparently there’s a new version in fresh print. Somewhat dubious as to the effect of reading a manual like this, back to back before putting any of the newfound knowledge to use? Less bothered by conscience it’ll be a while before I’ll seriously have to put it into use as recent frustration, derived from attempts to set up a working environment based on the acquired theoretics. For two days now have fumbled helplessly, wasting too much time on matters I (of course) feel should’ve been covered more extensively in the book. Be as may; soon comes the time I’ll find good advice with those more experienced than me, quite besides I’m highly confident how when I’ll eventually get it to work for me the personal victory shall overshadow the present defeat. Bothered by it, but not desperate; long Summer-holiday between courses sees to that. On that note, should remember to call the school in regards to that September-enrollment; no news from them as yet. ~~~ Turned to altogether easier things to restore confidence: Some 70 pages of a new piece, ‘Kim’, by Kipling. Always wanted to read some of his, and now that I find myself some hundred and fifty pages in, I can only chasten myself for not seeking the union sonner in life. Though that of course happens so often I have grown immune, dare I add. A gift to any imagination, appears this, he paints wonderful pictures of India at the time of the Raj. And his hero is a magnificient existence, absolutely. It’s an iceberg of a novel; a true adventure as ever found on the surface, multi-layered purpose and morale below. In every way like the free-spirited boy of the title, this book truly finds itself on the way to somewhere predestined. Anti­cipate the further turning of pages, absoltuely. ~~~ Very quite days at work, am down to personal studies and the likes. Cleaning house and moving furniture around, speaks for itself. No problem thus far, though prophetically I’ll require more of a challenge. Will find it, undoubtedly, in the Autumn’s run of salary-stats, of course with the studies thrown in to boot. All said and done this really resembles the kind of holidays I enjoy, where a fixed priority always grants me a succesful day, and all I acquire besides, on personal accounts, only adds extra. The bit of reading has done me good lately, as well as a few visits to the movies. Purposed to take a load off saw the third installment of the ‘Jurassic Park’-series, at the Palads; fulfilled that purpose just fine. Whilst on the subject of extra-corricular activities; still she remains good to me, too good to be true, and I accor­dingly cannot stop but reviewing myself favorably. “She likes me/so I like myself”. Arlan. Gerschwin? At a loss. Never matter. ~~~ Tomorrow Wednesday. Am hoping for a quiet day.