For no apparent reason came to think of riding my bicycle up to an intersection in Aarhus, the one just above the city hall, leading down to the central library and the park there. Where did this come from? Never matter. Point of notion; For which ever reason, I had to work extra hard for the recollection to materilize. Only, I must’ve done this a thousand times, ridden up to that traffic light…? But now, even con­centra­ting hard, only one single memory comes to me, of that time. Didn’t count on that. Must add I’m perhaps not in a posi­tion to ponder these matters, as right this instant I would probably appear somewhat intoxicated, recently arrived home after several rounds of beer with Bo and an acquaintance of his, Bruno. Still… I had a good time, back then, in Aarhus, I know I enjoyed the time on my own… As I know I dislike the idea of not being able to remember it the way of other memories, like, say, traveling. Surely it hasn’t been that long ago; only some five years, as far as I can tell. So why does it not come to me in an instant, as the other recollections of its kind? Maybe … maybe because it was a life-time ago, and I lack in respect of a time which serves me more than I am able to appreaciate, thus ultima­tely adding to the distance of one memory to another. Maybe so. Maybe there’s that word again I’m so enjoying my life now, there’s no messing around with recalls of good times past, my mind won’t have it. Quite a few unknowns. Too many for my liking, so the subject matter is dropped. Am quite possibly not in a state to treat it right, anyways; very tired and but half an hour past drunkeness. So the notion rests. Perhaps tomorrow I’ll make more sense of it, should certainly grant me a greater chance. Sunday. Am hoping for a quiet day.