A good weekend. Friday had sis by, sleeping over to save the transport to and fro working overtime at her job. Great news on her part, what with being offered a seat in a delegation off to do business with China. Two weeks and she’ll find herself in Beijing; damn fine unexpected event, she was thrilled. On another note, dammit, forgot her birthday, of the 28th. Really rather embarrassing, and now must think of some way to make it up to her. Saturday; did the starting seminar of the new course, offered the chance to see a bit of Downtown again as well. Got back and got a nice headstart on it all, i.e. besides the reading of the past weeks. Brought back ‘Madame Bovary’, at the vast expense of a 20-piece. Have perhaps exhausted the classics-collection at that corner bookstore, at least as far as individual writers go. Where they hold a number of novels by authors with whom I’ve managed to acquaint myself and would very much, given time, enjoy visiting with again, the number unfamili­ar pens have somewhat diminished. Only old Sir Walter Scott remains, and one by Dickens I noticed. For the better, for the time being, for I’ve not that exact time to read for pleasure, if you may, as opposed to studying. Any­ways. Sunday; studied, then was past the girlfriend to fix her bicycle. Well, my bicycle, I should rather; donated her only as far as her new occupation takes her. Maybe quite a distance, as she’s set her mind to and seen it through with becoming a bicycle delivery person. Marks an altogether impressi­ve change from her last job, but if that’s what she wants, I’m not one to stand in her way. So, worked on that for a bit, then split up only to regroup at the Palads theatre. Saw ‘Blow’, a new Ted Demme true to life story about a notorious drugrunner. Thought it about greed, but it turned out to be a story of trying to please. Johnny Depp in the lead role does a fantastic job; every bit of sympathy for his character he crams out of the part. Every way a grey-scale movie. A good one, a very good film. Ray Liotta deserved a mention, impressive supporting performance. ~~~ Monday. Back from work ’round 16, rested for five quarters of an hour. Called by the girlfriend to help her change the tube of the rear tire on her my bike, was rewarded with dinner and a kiss for my time. Despite her overt and somewhat bothersome concerns, she passed the day with flying colors. Being the one she is, the concerns won’t go away but a few weeks from now; still she seemed generally happy about the day and the result of her efforts. No doubt comforted by the fact how this is something she herself set her mind to and now has started to see through, can’t help but feel proud of her for taking responsibility of her life and moving away from what never truly appealed to her. ~~~ Good to be studying again. Adds a general sense of purpose to daily life that I’m not seeing from work, these days being the quite ones they remain so far. Once more find myself on the path of learning, moving to fulfill the obligation I first met so and so many years ago, now. The end in sight, in some fashion. Will do me a world of good, in a near future to conclude what I set out for back then. The wait, albeit too long, has done me good: I’m seem more driven than ever before, eager to get out there and make things happen, not sit back and await events. The plans are laid out accordingly; financially, socially, et al(?). Am not clinging to them; for that, it’s too much of a changing world. But am definitely moving towards them with every bit of confidence I’ll eventually see them through, in any which way they may alter appearance in the time to come. And that, to have something to move forward to, is a very rewarding concept, so I’ve found. ~~~ Tomorrow Tuesday. A bit of studying to do, practical assignments to hopefully have me completing the first two weeks of this course in the matter of the first two days officially into it. Exclamation mark explai­ned: Am gaining tremendously from having read the textbook entire before course-start, quite besides I’d better make something of my time now, when it’s there, i.e., so that I might spend a few extra hours at work if so needed round the seasonal busy time of Autumn. Seems the best way to go. Tuesday. Am hoping for a quiet day.