Brief notes on a brief day. Well tired near the end of the working hours, dropped like a brick on the return. From poor sleep of last night. Have practiced sleeping besides close to another in a bed, still I do find it ackward to be outside of the privacy of this bed and apartment of my own. A cultural clash, if I may; as if it never dawned on me how seeing someone should also come to involve sleeping besides her. Will be better at that, in time. For now I do need my space, and as yesternight found a girl creeping very close to shake off the effect of a nightmarish awakening, in consequence I didn’t get as much serious rest from the night as I could’ve needed. Claimed the day entirely to my own devices to shy a repetition; studies throughout, if still the time spent seemed somehow strangely divided in half, moving at twice its normal pace. Then of course little progress is progress still, and all said and done I’m well under par in regards to the new course, pardon the pun. Good for the conscience and the anticipated fact of how in a spell there’ll be enough to do at work. ~~~ Brief note from sis in my email; sent a hysterically funny short clip of a penguin stumb­ling over its own feet. Holidaying it from Friday onwards; good for her. Seems in good spirit, and wonderfully forgiving about my embarassing slip of the 28th of this year. Then off to China, so will be a while till we meet again. Hers is a happening life, yet then in her life she’s tried out enough for the luck she now thrives on, even if I migth envy her (and I thus do – smile) her present financial circumstances, I also find it very easy to be happy for her. ~~~ Brief conversation with the girlfriend before bedtime. Once more the topic centered around her financially dire straits situation. Too many bills in the door, etc. etc. It’s a mess of paperwork and not enough commitment to keeping track; she’s really rather bad at facing the fact how she needs tighter control over these money matters, for the obligation belongs to her and her alone. Takes very little to bring her down, and I can’t help but think her less than thoughtful about these mat­ters, especially with the knowledge of how she’s sitting on half an eight hundred thousand kroner investment her apartment that in one year in high probability will pay off her student and other loans. Ah, but trying to explain these things appear a battle lost before even fought, and try as I might soon cease, I won’t dedicate much time hereto. The choices she makes may not seem like the most sensible ones, still they fully belong to her and with them the experience of their outcome. It’s her life and she’ll be the one to know what to do with it. Will not try and take over what will be bitterly fought for, thus she’s on her financial own until she herself either works out a plan and adhere to it, or surrender the fight and brings all of the paperwork over. ~~~ Tomorrow Thursday. Foresee a bit of homework, and studying. Will be by the Postal Office to pick up a mystery packet? don’t remember ordering anything. Likely the most interesting element to the day, all other-curricular activities on stand-by till the weekend cometh. Brief note from Bo, con­firming my seat in the Imperial this Friday, at the Danish premiere of a new version of ‘Apocalypse Now’. A bit of something to look forward to. Thursday. Am hoping for a quiet day.