Birthday came and went. Call from the old man, their tradi­tional 500-note. This year attached to the wish I’d buy a new watch, will shop around. Haven’t really been in need of one; everywhere I go there’s a clock ticking. Good of them to think of their son, always the attention outvalues the money. As was the case with the girlfriend, who thoughtlessly spent too much on a chessgame made of glass. If in spending money she’s trying to tell me she do not consider the time spent together wasted, the message came across well. Very fond of it and her. My 27th year. More celebrated on account of another person in my life. Has been a length since I last thought of a nameday such as this; honestly I still do not consider it worth the while to cheer what to any other appearance but a single two-digit number is just a day in a great number of days. But of course I’m full able to praise the idea of taking the time to be with friends and loved ones, which is what it ultimately comes down to, an excuse to look to each other for comfort and af­firmation. For once it all came my way, must admit to not rejec­ting the scenario altogether. ~~~ Must mention the premiere of ‘Apocalypse Now’. Head full of thoughts on my way back through the city, just this now I can’t make heads and tails of it. A great film with not a second to spare, if I’m asked. Focus on the journey and its destination and I think I’ll get near where I’m going. Maybe in a previous entry I took it further, most likely so. Will go back and look for it. Don’t think Bo and his friend got as much from it, thought that’s not a concern of mine: The film may be long and trying, but once overcome it’s a magnifici­ent piece of work, every second of it. ~~~ Tomorrow Sunday. Am hoping for a quiet day.