From Friday settled into Saturday, eased out this end of the week day. Went to visit Thor in Milo, a planned visit. A bit of a chat and a few drinks, even the odd movie. Enjoyable, ‘s the estimate. Still he’s a young fellow though he has that quiet contemplation in him, I rest assured he will accomplish what he sets out to do. He seems a tad troubled he is not currently involved in a relationship, I’m quite positive he will not end out his time never having known someone intimately; for that he’s too determined and resolute to find happen. At any rate. Finished the night out on a peculiar, though very funny note: Saw that Cannes runner-up, ‘Shrek’. Slept on his couch, only to rise at what I presumed was the light of day but turned out to be but 7 o’clock. So it’s not all lights out just yet, I gather, thought it’s an altogether colder climate. Out on the early train. ~~~ A bit of studying and messing about with the day. Talked with the old man on the phone, in good spirit. Anticipating a brief holiday. ~~~ No greater news. Put in my call for overtime and from hence will get some hours in. Good enough. Tomorrow Monday. Am hoping for a quiet day.