Sore throat throughout the day. Damn nuisance. Remember waking up from some dream slash nightmare and feeling an awful taste in my mouth, probably from spitting something up and swallowing it again. That added the cups of coffee for star­ters not a wise decision. Though there must’ve been something else, too; got back and administered sweets and pastilles to relieve the burning sensation, and did feel the effect of that by evening time, where I could swallow again without the accompa­nying pain. Hopefully gone by the morrow. ~~~ An easy day, in as much as the hours flew by. A bit of time since that kind of working session, then undoubtedly there’ll be more to come, with work coming in by the bundles and not enough time in which to see to it. Out by my normal time, though. Home and straight to bed. ~~~ Studied for a spell. Watched the news on TV. Not really watching the news as just having the TV on continually, going to and fro, picking up bits and pieces. Tomorrow one week from that horrible day. Seems like yesterday. Adds so much perspective I don’t really know what to do with. Store it for later, seems the obvious answer. ~~~ Tomorrow Tuesday. Am hoping for a quiet day.