Sense the Autumn. Over the weekend made it to the Dagmar Theatre. Saw ‘Small Time Crooks’, by Woody Allen, and rode home through an Autumn setting. Halfway the merit of the movie, by no means his best yet simple enough to in part enable that lightness of being comes with every realization of how one takes a step forward sans a care in the World. Should perhaps refrain from assessing the oncoming on the new season a worthy move onwards in life, still for several reasons, allow me to delve upon them in a later entry, that’s a growing sensation. This evening opened the window wide and breathed in deep, and, yes, indeed a breath of fresh air. Foresee a busy season ahead. At work am seeing the signs of the anticipated greatly increased workload; early next week will be buried deep in it all. And study-wise the days are beginning to catch up with what headstart I managed to grant myself. So it looks much like it’ll all arrive at some sort of a peak in late December. Trust everything to work out as scheduled. Means I’ll probably make a bit more of my time than just now. With my ‘advance knowledge’, if I may, in favor of the new courses, I’ve perhaps allowed myself to slip behind just a bit. Not to any other worthier cause than simply granting myself more time with the girlfriend. Of course time well spent, no question about it, though now different priorities call upon me to focus harder on the imminent details. Hope for understan­ding towards the issue. ~~~ Tomorrow Tuesday. Am hoping for a quiet day.