Saw the brokers in the door. Well-kept and clean-shaven, the bunch. Well, of course apart from the first, a women from the Home chain. Might pass the apartment on to her for the sale; hers was an agreeable impression I think she might soon convey to others, notable those she eventually takes out to check the place out. Saw them out again, and went to work. Half two till eight. Wraps up the busy week. Some 44 hours overtime, last Sunday included. A start. More to come. ~~~ Turned to CNN at the return. As fate would, around six o’clock this afternoon America and ally Great Britain turned on Afghanistan as the first target of the war against terrorism. How the World looks tomorrow, very hard to say just now. Only hope it will not drag out into eterni­ty, this battle waged. But would we have the sense to quit, I seriously challenge the answer in the affirmative. In the end it becomes a matter of fighting for what’s worth that sordid effort; and the sides are so very cleary drawn, are they not. Let’s all hope they stay the way they are, where the injustices committed are still the tangible that by far the majority of sympathy has no trouble choosing side. Should we decide to throw the infitite theories of religion into this mesh, that’s where the sleeping dog had better keep its lie. All this about holy wars, the Jihad, what have you, if it turns the West on one side and Islam on the other… I won’t begin to imagine the consequences. For all present appearences it will not turn out like that. ~~~ Tomorrow Monday. Am hoping for a quiet day.