A day of recovering from last night’s festivity. Up at nine, bought some rolls and took them with me to work. Had my breakfast there, then fell asleep on a couch for some quarter of an hour. Made it back and straight to bed, resting to satisfy my system. Call from the girlfriend, near 16. Good to hear from her. ~~~ Friday; signed the contract to the sale of the apart­ment. Committed myself to three months, as opposed to the usual half year; a good deal, I thought. Then made it Downtown, met up with Bo at the Scale, found a bar and sat down for a drink and a talk. Of his plans to shift his residence to Milo, imminantly. But another in a list of advantages of the move of my own. Can’t see any problems, any which way I look about it, it seems the best of two worlds. Decided on that conclusion and treated ourselves to a night on the town. Busy capital on Culture Night, where everything stays open till late and all have a million things they must hurry to see. Took some ten hours for us to get from Axeltorv to Nyhavn, but worth was the while, no question about that. Dug up a few celebrated moments and reaffirmed their merit over a laugh and a drink. Good company, as will always seem the case when two men find agreement in many same subjects and have even a handful or two memories to share. Walked back and exchanged goodbyes from whence we came, Axeltorv. Rode back through a near empty four o’clock city. For some reason or the other found it in my mind to stop by the fountain in the Faelled­parken. Committed the scene to memory, the water shooting some twenty feet in the air, the backdrop the glow of the city. Solemn picture. Very quiet, very atmospheric. ~~~ Tomorrow Sunday. Will be back at work, trust I’ll find a more productive day, now this body has had time to recover from last night’s escapades. Am hoping for a quiet day.