Tired near the end. Longer working day than expec­ted, on account of a database breakdown. Brought out one of my backups and it’s a 5-6 hours setback, thankfully nothing more. Pat on the back; backups’re the thing. Came at half nine, let at ten. ~~~ Perhaps not the better introduction to the working week; getting up early Sunday morning to watch the year’s last Formula-1 motorrace out of Japan, then heading off to work. Ten hour session; value for money but felt the strain from the Saturday’s outing with me still. Went to the movies and saw A.I., Steven Spielberg’s try at a last Stanley Kubrick. Never made it work, it’s too overt, too much by far, not in the least way subtle as probably only Kubrick could’ve made it work. Not a good one. Dull and boring and too long at that; was back half one, to bed the half an hour later. Caught not enough rest, somewhat surprised at how I managed this new start of the week. Past eleven now; straight to bed and trust the eight hours will do me good. They had better, for the morrow will prove an equal challenge of stamine, something tells me. A few nondescript days. Interrupted in parts by the odd phone call from the girlfriend. Hopefully she’ll get rid of her visiting relatives soon enough; the pro­spect of being close to her I found suddenly appealing, this evening. If a few days should come to pass, let me try and spend them rightly as I did this, thus the hours should drift by all the sooner, remains my hope. Tomorrow Tuesday. Am hoping for a quiet day.