Longer chat with Thor in the evening. Provided details on the Swedish housing situation and how to go about the forthcoming switch. ‘Tis really rather good to have access to a someone who’s been there before; a lot of tips and hints. Will remember to buy him a beer for his troubles, though not this weekend around as he’s back in Jutland. Later, then. ~~~ Left early at work, at the normal four o’clock. Have managed to slip out at that convenient time some several days now, despite the cry of the mass of overtime needs to be put in before I might rest assured. Halfway admitted defeat and hired a temp to assist, fortunate in as she appeared highly competent. Could if I would have put in more hours, but must admit my ambition as to this Autumn has slided a bit towards studying as opposed to time put in at work, i.e. after having laid down the first 100 hours plus. If left to me, all from overtime from here will focus on the profitable Sunday, where I never get as much done as I’d liked, anyway. Will end up near the one fifty hours as was the case in the previous season. Added value for money with the raise finally through, sure, still if feels much like enough borders enough. Will try and cut down on the overtime, then, free up time for studies and the such. Much more to do than last year, is the impression; much the more to my surprise I’m not in the least way near being as stressed out as that mentioned, bygone time. From the experience of course anticipated the load, though it’s not the reason entire I should feel much more relaxed, at easy with the confidence of one who knows he’ll make his deadlines whatever might happen. At least it feels like a confident rise to the occasion, but I do sense there’s bit of a personal growth thrown in the mix, also. From experience have become better at determi­ning the requirements of what I set my mind to, what it’ll take to see them through. Stems perhaps from work, but I might make use of the ability throughout other parts of my whereabouts. ~~~ A bit past the two years I’ve been with this company and I must say I’ve gained tremendously. For better not worse lingers the notion I might possess an ability to lead, find the confidence to assume responsibility and take charge. Much inspired by those around me, naturally, then I know also the potential must be has been there, latent, hell, dormant, if one likes. Look to the old man for answers and it’s clear as day whom gave me the gift. Came late to him, didn’t it? Can’t really remember. Will try and make as grand use of it as did he, for it’s too valuable by far to let to waste. Thankful for it, absolutely. ~~~ Day and evening by my lonesome, by agreement reached with the girlfriend. Off on her painting class, whenever she’s back and I learn of her experiences it’s clear to tell she’s enthused about it. Round late she’s happier than she has been for some time. Clear of the injury to her hand, by the end of a lengthy time off and facing new prospects job-wise, I only hope the happiness she exudes will stay with her for a great while longer. ~~~ Tomorrow Friday. Work and will be past to check up on her, quite possibly build an afternoon and evening from there, leave the Saturday clear to alleviate my conscience in studying, sts. If chance presents will try and clear out the paperwork, overflowing my intray. Ease into the weekend, preferably. Friday. Am hoping for a quiet day.