Met with Thor, for a drink and a chat. Had pan­cakes by the cafe near the Central Library, later a beer at some random bar. Could’ve chosen my topics of conversation better; all over the dial. Am perhaps not yet at that point where we might afford the silence between us; the pauses feel somewhat ackward. Much my fault as any, shifting from light to personal issues and right back again. ~~~ Back and felt a bit dizzy from the consump­tion of alcohol. Dropped on the bed and slept for an hour. Up and worked by the computer for a bit, then shifted location to the girlfriend’s place. Went Downtown for a second outing; saw ‘Things You Can Tell Just By Looking at Her’ at the Gloria. New seats, oan. Much in tune with the ‘HurlyBurly’ I once saw there, incidentally. Didn’t bring much with me out of the theatre. A gloomy kind of film I won’t hang on to. Had coffee at the Copen­hagen Corner. Price place, but a something about it that I like. Found perhaps not enough words to last the impression long, this time around. A bit tired from unsure as to what exactly. Weari­ness descends. On that note, passed the firm a bill for the overtime put in. Should go through by the half month, they say. Will look forward to that, my reward in the bank. Rest a bit more, thus assured. Feels like I need it. ~~~ Back and to bed, this entry. Just now studied the mini-bio of Dickens, from the introduction to his ‘Tale of Two Cities’ I brought back from the Corner Bookstore this day. Personal reward for the hundred and twenty-five plus overtime-hours. As a result came to contemplate a trip to London, reading of the Poets Corner of Westminster Abbey. Not a distant location neither infeasible notion; will look into it, though not this year around. ~~~ Tomorrow Sunday. Need be past work for a two or three hours, settling affairs. Then must get started on the exam-project, has left it lingering for a while and now it’s damn near well time I put my mind to it. Sunday. Am hoping for a quiet day.