A day of ones own choosing. Went for rolls and was past the supermarket. Had my breakfast and worked over the computer for a bit. Forced by the cold to retire beneath the blanket, on the couch. From slightly below ten to slighly above zero degrees in a matter of a single week. In light of the warm October can’t bring myself to complain. Put on a score, by James Horner; ‘Courage Under Fire’. Had high hopes, but it had a somewhat harmless feel to it. Should perhaps abstain from commen­ting on it; dozed through it, tired, as it were. Up by 14, cleaned out the range hood filter; messy job. And later in the evening did the laundry. Somewhat effective day, really, worked over the computer for quite some time, managed to get a full grasp on the concept behind one or two very usefull things in respect to the courses and what I could well see myself be doing in a year or so. A bit of a personal succes. All good and true, I suppose. It’s still the practical approach, but soon will get down to theoretics, if I have my way: Sent off an application to have my chosen subject matter of the upcoming exam on the course accepted by the academy. Would very much like to get a damn go so I could get an equally damned move on in that area. Deadline reads the 14th of the December, not a big long while as I see it. Sadly it seems as if work will come to stall me in those above proceedings. A bit of a chaotic scene this Friday of late, with Jesper cursing and fuming his way towards the weekend. Having discovered a major fuck-up in regards to the logistical aspect of that up­coming ‘ten-percent-of-our-yearly-budget’-gig, he foresaw a very strained schedule ahead. Means extra hours. Will see if I can temp-hire my way out of the worst of it; am not incredibly keen on going to live at work, in the way of last month’s 125 hours’ worth of overtime. For the money it pays, I could do better with those hours and minutes. ~~~ Foresee a tough, busy, week ahead. Though, let it be said, not as tough as some. Heard from Bo; reason given why he’s been abscent of late, his father passed away over the past week, he found himself back home arranging the funeral. Expressed my condolences and offered a bit of company in a way I knew he would appreacia­te, i.e. in going out for many a drink and a chat. We may be somewhat akin in that regard, I sense. 73 years old, his old man. A life well lived, but, well, of course still… Damn sorry to hear it. He seems to handle it well, though, but if he should call I shall of course drop everything and be there. ~~~ Tomorrow Sunday. Back at it, works beckons. Looks like a full day, not much time for what else. Perhaps, hopes high, I might go see a movie, maybe take the girlfriend. Down to circumstance. End of the week. Am hoping for a quiet day.