Oan had sis and her boyfriend over for dinner and a bit of tv-ing. Gave me a Cristmas-calender in alledged response to mine of last year’s. Believe I owe her a bit of all just about now, what with birthday presents she put her mind to in my lapses of memory. Went online and bought her a blouse; will send it off to Ringsted, probably Saturday. Hope it fits. Good to see her again; offered a ride along with her and aforementioned fellow round the day before Christmas Day. Took them up on it; money saved, worth every while in thought to that damn dentist operation coming my way. ~~~ Overtime has had its days and I’m able to leave at a decent hour once more. Face a weekend or two of a minor count, but certainly nowhere near the near 150 hours I seem to close out the year on. Some fifteen thousand after tax; value for money in the bank. Now ’tis damn near time to focus on that course; have put it aside in favor of the project, as the topic I had set on have yet to be approved before my continuance. Hope that takes place soon enough, from hence to the 14th of December is not that far, in my book. Anyways; back to the ole’ habit of resting upon my return, before resuming the late af­ternoon to the best of my devices. Working on a hobby-project I must admit to find somewhat rewarding. Far cry from the days of creative efforts, I must add. A very different priority of technical matters as opposed to artistic. A chip I needed to get off my shoulder, obviously, still a funny note to my life. And, well, so much more than that: If not for those past ideas and scribbles, I would, to name the most valuable example, never have gotten to travel aboard and learn so much. Grow up, basically. In reality, though, the difference between the projects now and then is less than great, which pleases me no end: the techniques I came across and learned to trust, there’s a need for them still, as will always be. The dicipline, the approach. Most important of all the mind to creativity and eye to struc­ture. Where it is now easier to tell what works and what does not, whether that somet­hing fits a right or a wrong is as impos­sible as ever to spot. I.e. to say, my experience plan to do me good, thankfully. ~~~ All’s good with the girlfriend. As bewildered as ever, and rather down on choices she must make but haven’t the heart to estimate effects of, but in reality she’s fine and her new job does her better than the old one. Arranging some kind of kids’ Christmas-play; Monday will surprise her and be past Amager, where she works, see how she’s managed in the director’s role. End of the year nears and I get to contemplate the 6th of January, and the morning of the 7th, too, where I suppose tradition has it this is usually the girl’s part, isn’t it, keeping score, sts. Should probably make something of the day, will try and think of somet­hing suitable. ~~~ Tomorrow Friday. Would enjoy a visit with the theatres; has been a while. Am hoping for a quiet day.