A bit of a while since the last entry. In the interim it has grown dark and cold and Winter-like, though without the snow and seriously cripping temperatures. All in good time. On a positive note applied a hammer to the thermostate on both of my radiators, following an excellent advice from a particularly friendly plummer, John Schoenemann, whom I first met at that whole early Autumn plumming-disaster at the girlfriend’s. And lo and behold, district heating is here with me once more. Saves me more than a buck or two in maintenance. Speaking of finances, overtime pay entered my account for a better view of my resources than I’ve seen for a bit. Oan the boss offered to station a bigger, better pc with yours truly, for which ever purpose one might desire, at no cost to the individual in qu­estion what so ever. A nice early Christmas-present I’ve yet to see in the door. ~~~ On a brief note; upsetting to see how the Israelies pound the Palestinian people, whom they’ve already up against a wall. He’s not a man of peace, Sharon, rather than one for ridding the World of his enemies. Would’ve seen Perez in the part much rather, but sadly his political afternoon draws nearer. The end no where in sight, I fear the worst. A nigth of crystal perhaps not, but certainly the thoughts of history repeating itself in the most shameful of ways cannot be helped. ~~~ Finis­hed the structure on a synopsis to be handed in on the 14th, a week and a half from now. Grants me entry to the exam on the course. Doubt much I’ll get very far in terms of high grades and hours and the such, but as long as it’s interesting stuff it’s worth that, I do believe. In the process just the other day read a fascinating book entitled ‘Weawing the web’, by Tim Berners-Lee, the inventor of the concept and original protocols and software behind the World Wide Web we’ve come to intermix with the Internet. A compelling insight into the early childhood of the thing, some fifteen years ago, barely. Mention of names and institutes I first began to be familiar with around that time myself, it’s a memorable journey. His notes on the future of the Internet as he would like to see it, intriguing, truly. Supporter of a semantic web, in his own term, where information is linked by meaning as well as reference. Progressive stuff; the scenarios adequately vivid. A good way to spend my time, learning of these ideas and trying to emerge with a conclusion of my own. ~~~ Juletide draws near. Rushed into the December again; will be part gone before I realize it, probably. Good thing sis is there to keep me focused on the jolly season at hand; came round with her boyfriend, Thomas, for dinner, and brought a box of calendar-gifts leading up to the 24th. Thought it more than nice of her. Really aforementioned season comes at a most appropriate time; must admit to a certain drained-of-energy sensation I can’t seem to shake. Evident in a kind of restlessness, moving to and fro without really being able to focus on the matter at hand. Not as bad as it probably sounds, still those tree weeks drawing near will amount to a world of difference I’m sure. In other words, “about damn time I took a break” from work. Highly anticipative. ~~~ Had a few words about work and the girlfriend, but the later it gets, the less rest I foresee. Ample time ahead. Tomorrow Wednesday. Am hoping for a quiet day.