Saw ‘the Score’ at the Palads. Past a beer at work and a bit of rest on the couch knew I wouldn’t get work done on the course at any rate, also what with the girlfriend at some social function the evening belonged to me anyways. So went Downtown and had a hotdog at some stand, then bought my way into the above screening. Terrible conditions; noise from the outside crowd and sublevel disco easily audible through the walls, also for a minute or two the film soundtrack came up with the hickups. Around halfway in donned my earplugs and from then it became a most decent film, in my mind. Three generations of worthy talent as represented by messrs Brando, De Niro and Edward Norton. Brando had me near fazed, his is an excellent performance. One wonders, though, how much longer he will be with us; his stout physical condition gives rise to concern. Really a fine film, a ‘who tricks who’, subject matter basic trust. Worked well. ~~~ Back and did little with the remainder of the day. A few prepara­tions for the course synopsis, would very much like to take a big chunk out of it tomorror Saturday. Dedicated weekend, really. Saturday. Am hoping for a quiet day.