Worked on the course throughout the evening; not as dedicated as such, but found my way to the conclusion, to be written tomorrow, just the same. Have had little luck in maintai­ning a focused concentration in the writing of this synopsis, for reasons unknown. Enjoy the subject, but… An oddity. Will have it done by tomorrow, send it to Thor and learn of his opinion. Very unsure of my time, these few remainding days of the year. Thankful to have work to keep me focused. Setting the last few things straight before that holiday. Unconcerned as to how it’ll all fare in my absense, as this new girl Rie has got things under control. A bit of a prize, she is; with her runnings things hope to get to work some other, more diverse projects. A bit of something for next year, thought. ~~~ Brief chat with sis in the evening. No greater news here, basically setting a departuretime for the 23rd. Though good to hear her voice again. As much anticipating the Winter holiday as I. ~~~ A somewhat bland day, probably shouldn’t be penning this. At any rate. Tomorrow Tues­day. Will conclude the synopsis and try to get out early, send it to Thor and then go see the girlfriend. In need of that, I find. Tuesday. Am hoping for a quiet day.