Arrived at half six, from a six-hour cross-country drive. A bit of a gamble, it turned out to be; a plenti­ful of show and ice, though the most perilous element to the voyage turned out to be our driver, sis’ boyfriend Thomas, who tends to gesture quite a bit in his attempts to amplify his stories – thus straying from the wheel of the car, alas. A nice enough gentleman, his adept smile and ability to make one feel welcome does him credit. Though, in my honest opinion, for one who has nothing to say, he talks to damn much. I, for my part, am perhaps a bit too eager to hold my peace, which has a tendency to intimidate the stranger, I’m aware. In compensation tried my best to uphold some sort of conversation, being the guest and thankful sharer of the ride. Survived the trip and trust I won’t be asked to participate as too much of a social capacity in the forth­coming days. Am generally hoping for a quiet holiday; if even with Sis and her boyfriend around that’s probably a lost cause. As usual, she has, sis, adopted quite a bit of mannerism from her present romantic tie, and as seen before it doesn’t well suit her age, I think. Once again the difference in lifestyles and the etcetera, supposedly. The required background music, playing the part of the little girl in need of attention, I shouldn’t allow it bother me so, of course. None of my business. Only, this holiday around Mum’s not feeling all too well, I’m afraid, and I could spare her the racket of two who aren’t really capable of going quietly about their business. Talks of headaches and goes to lie down every half hour or so. What’s really distressing about it is the fact that she’s tough as nails and wouldn’t call on a doctor if she could in any way possible help it. And so now, when she admits to the above symptoms, there’s ample reason to be concerned. And I could spare her too much of the Christmas-balooha. Will try and make the best of it, help out where I might be so able. On a positive note a clever doctor in the system called another clever doctor and they decided to have her undergo all manners of tests, now when the problem persists and not when she’s feeling better in a few days. Thus she’s already been to the hospital for preliminary talks and one spinal-chord tap, brave thing, and though she’s not herself very keen on the notion I’m confident some kind of result will come from that. They’re smarter now than they ever were. Now the toughest part is already beyond her, only the milder forms of tests remain, then a result in February, if all goes well. Would be good to have a name to the symptoms. Would be very, very good indeed. ~~~ Tomorrow Sunday. Will try and get hold of the girlfriend, holidaying with her family at Funen. With this laptop borrowed from Lars at the office, I might be able and would like to get some work done on the project. Then of course tradition takes over. Nothing to be done here but stand back and let things happen in the order they may fall, tend to a carefree spirit to the best of ability. Am hoping Mum’s feeling better. Am hoping for a quiet day.