Christmas eve. Went for a quick walk, wanted to shoot some photos of the house covered in snow. Alas the white blanket had been partially removed already. To no particular regret; saw my test-shoots on the digital camera’s tiny screen and found the images in my mind to do greater honor to the concept of the history surrounding this house and its grounds. In the late evening rain set in, tomorrow will probably see the end of the white Christmas. A nice reminder, though, these past two days. ~~~ A nice enough evening. Mum, feeling somewhat better, commissioned Dad to sort out the better part of the Christmas dinner, and that cooperation turned out a grand result. Nothing short of previous years. Received many a fine present and only hope I in turn managed to give as well as I myself was complemen­ted. A sweater, a nifty razor, aftershave and matching brand deodorant, and the standard five-hundred note from the folks, ‘go and buy yourself something’. Got to love them for the simplicity of the generosity. To bed a bit past 23, not really tired but never the less unwilling to undertake what else. The luxury of holidays, naturally. A talk with Mum just prior. Clear of the obvious strain in her voice, though still we didn’t see much of her this day. But she does sound better, thankfully, and some funny note in a conversation she had with sis really brought out a laugh in her, which was good to hear. Adds to her theory of all those tests getting to her around this time, if not the complete story. Good to find her accepting the consequences and abiding to them, going to lie down, wearing shades, taking an aspirin, instead of shrugging it off, the usually stubborn creature. ~~~ Tomorrow Monday. Am hoping for a quiet day.