Read until page hundred or so of the ‘Madame Bo­vary’ I brought back with me for that purpose. Took me long enough to get started after I originally bought it, now when I return to it it’s not as promising a prospect as found the original purchase. The jacket portrays the lady of the title as one of the least likely heroines of fiction, though that’s perhaps not the characterization I would’ve come up with myself. One-third in will conclude it, but can tell by the early now I will not commit it to memory apart from its title and the know­ledge of having read it. ~~~ Majority of time by the computer, working on the project. Decided for the use of techniques which will soon be past their prime, for the sake of having the ground­work laid down when I decide to move on to the latest ingenuiti­es. Believe I can afford the time. Getting along, it is, getting along well. The reward of discipline, as I see it. ~~~ Tomorrow Tuesday. Set up a meeting with Thor in Viborg, will go and see to that. Well home get a bit of work done, apart from commencing the penning of the year’s conclusion. Always looked forward to that, never more than this year which has so far offered up so much of life I almost didn’t know what to do with. But let me not move ahead of myself, sts. Tuesday. Am hoping for a quiet day.