Yesterday out for a run. Hesitate to declare it my own until a score of them have come and gone, as dictates my persona. Will do me more than good to get out and about again. Felt nothing but the ache from the muscles, and am certain last year’s damage is of the past. This time around must start out slow; there’s a tendency of mine, I’m aware, to go the distance before I’m ready for it, impatient as I am. Three kilometers to this practice course. A sorry distance to be sure, but a tremen­dously fine feeling just the same. Remember the pain and how it helped me see clearer, feel more alive. Will do me a world of good to seek out that sensation once more. Looking much forward hereto. ~~~ Midholiday. Have tried to make the best of use. The project moves along rather well, that is to say forward, and I’m learning my bit. Must say I much enjoy the tangibility of it all. With every effort there’s a palpable result, whether it works or not. Very easy to spot wrong from right, as opposed to the more creative trials of very late. Will take me a bit of a while to finish it, but believe it’ll be worth it. ~~~ No news of a sale as yet. Have taken against the realtor and this Sunday will go and hire a competitor of theirs, as the three month’s deal will be effectively off at that date. Was glad in as much as I did not opt for the standard half year; offers now a second chance. Am getting impatient; have waited long enough. Thursday will meet with the new company, confirm what they have to offer. Then we’ll see how long it’ll take. Would like to get a move on, verbatim, but of course it’s not the decision of mine entire. Never matter. Can still afford the wait, easily. ~~~ A weekend spent with Bo in Milo. Too much male bonding at the end, should’ve cut it short. Within the bondaries of his new apartment he harbors a tendency to lavish in somewhat personal habits, in contrast to some of my own, I think. Of course people behave differently around those they feel comfortable in the company of; a compliment, perhaps, that he should feel at ease in the presence of yours truly, though it’s an honor I volunterily decline. In conclusion will keep in touch with him through e-mails and the such, rather than meet in person for a bit of time. ~~~ And so the new year is already well on its way, and not a bad start it has been. Have a clear idea in mind of what I would like to gain from it, the fresh batch of months, and they are prospects pleasing to the eye and mind. Of challenges I foresee my share, professionally and personally, and the potentials for gain in already established areas of interest indeed appear agreeable. ~~~ Tomorrow Thursday. Will go and meet with the new realtor, and be Downtown and take in a movie. Work on the project, and look in on the girlfriend from time to time. Have taken a turn for the worse, the poor creature, but she’ll be up and about in no time I’m sure. Grants her a couple of days off from work, or, as she likes to call it, hell. Convinced she makes it sound worse than is, or no one in their right mind would allow a situation such as this to go on. If a bit of time won’t solve her problems, I should think it so. Any matter. Thursday. Am hoping for a quiet day.