Accomplished fuck all with the day. Slept uneasy on account of the girlfriend coughing and feeling ge­nerally worse for it. Ahead in the day she felt much better and discovered how one of her medications carried an October expiration date. No comments on my part. Tried to make her as comfortable as possible, then returned to my own apartment to sort out the realtor-thing. Talked to the guy who originally offered the damn place for sale, he believed strongly one parti­cular individual would strike a deal on Sunday. For the heck of it extended the original deal ’till the 21st. Thought it large of me. Can afford the single week, though rest comfortably assured no further extension will be granted. ~~~ Took some tools of my trade back to the girlfriend, with the thought of getting some work done on her roommate’s desktop. Alas, couldn’t get the damn thing to work. Scapped the high anticipation of what I wanted to do with the day, basically wrote it off. Not really high disci­pline; in fact, quite the opposite. In effect will clear my head of it, conclude this entry. Tomorrow Saturday. Am hoping for a quiet day.