Good to be back at work. Won’t prove a lasting feeling, as given the seminar I attended during my holiday I’ve a couple of days in the bank, sts. Thoughts to taking them Wednes­day and Thursday, really making them count towards the course project. Haven’t heard from the academy as yet, though it was only this Friday I dropped the application in their slot. So won’t press them on the matter till Wednesday. Came from work and got a fair share done. Enough to have me at my ease when the later evening came upon me, back from my run. Out to the museum and back; ‘Malmohus’. Four kilometer run that no one would tire from, but it’s good and true to be back out there. Skipped the plans to join a local gym – at five ninety-five I had better save my pennies towards a pair of better sneakers instead. A little something for the month of February, despite not being in unholy financial territory. Had a beer and a chat with Thor and Bo this last Sunday, and the latter even admitted to a conscience, in mentioning – though pressed – having attempted to manage a first down-payment on his loan in my favor. Don’t think he’ll come through, but will of course act the pleasently surprised. ~~~ Have given – or have been given to, perhaps rather – a few thoughts of my future with the company I’m presently employed by. Would be the longest holiday I remember since America that finds me in thus comtemplation. And maybe also the fact of the eighteen careers recently halted with said establishment. Am not pressed by either entrance to the debate, for I’m as financially secure as any, and will always find something to do my time for, I should hope. Am hard at foreseeing what Karsten has in mind when he gives rise to hints of this and that. Will not mind staying with them, if they are willing to offer the kind of post-educa­tion training I’m out for. If this is a gig I can see myself playing for ever and a day, that requires a greater challenge than the one I’m presently exposed to, sts. Too ambitious for the alternative. But many other factors are at play. The girlfriend and her desire to study art, quite possibly not in the vicinity of our present territory of choice. The possibility of having a child. This notion of mine of starting a small business. And some other unknowns as well, I hardly conceive gathering intelligence of the future could be any more difficult. The long-term goal – of being able to do some good in this world – remains the same, but with all those variables blocking the isle it’s increasingly hard to focus more on the long-term as opposed to less on the short-term things. So perhaps I’m a tad frustrated because of that, and less concerned with the prospects of my job. Will be altogether the better able to gather my thoughts around the topic near the time of last exam, I trust. ~~~ Tomorrow Tuesday. Am hoping for a quiet day.