My share at work; then went and retrieved my keys from the old realtor, delivered them to the new. Represented by a bright girl by the name of Nina Bendixen, best described as fresh, quick with a smile. No doubt she’ll better represent my case than her competitor, whom I was happy to officially sack this day. Never very happy about them, shouldn’t’ve let them talk me into that signature. But be as may; the three month’s deal was a good one, with a minimum of lost time I’m on to something better. And the prices haven’t dropped at all, as far as I can tell still looking at an overhead of some hundred and fifty thousand. Neat sum will hold the plans till it’s in the bank, though. Let’s see how it all fares. Six month’s deal, this time around. Prepared to starve them out, sts. ~~~ Back and rested on the couch for a bit, turned into full sleep. Had enough to do, shouldn’t’ve allowed myself to dose off. But as happens often, I leave work with a dizzy head and am not quite capable of settling in upon my return, not until I’ve come to a full stop. To counter this worked on the exam from seven to near ten. Just don’t know about this thing… Spent my time putting words to thoughts, but it’s probably not the right approach. Whatever then is, I remain inconclusive, much to my own dislike. Fuck it. Happens what may, etc. Call from the old man, down with the flu (but of course to and fro work just the same). Good to talk to him again, about nothing in particular. Mum there in the background, donating medical advice on that darn injury to my left foot. Did I mention this? Damn pain when I set it down, in high probability brought on by running around in old sneakers, worn down to the street-level old man’s humorous phrase. Tried to set up an appoint­ment with some local sporting goods shop, specialized in running, but alas they don’t check their e-mail, I guess. Will try again tomorrow. Sound advice probably not a place one should be stingy. If the pain persists, will see a doctor and learn of his advice about footwear and the such. Doubt it’ll be necessary some three days since it came over me and it’s near gone now. Believe I might’ve caught it early. ~~~ Tomorrow Wednesday. Last day before the exam, so I guess I know what I’ll be doing with my time. Am hoping for a quiet day.