Put in a call to the folks. Talked to mum, in a good mood. It’s the coming of the spring, I’m sure; her chance to get out and get some wind in her face. She’s an outdoor person. Winter was never kind to her, thought in later years it at times proven cruel, even. ~~~ The verdict is, as expected, sclerosis. For what they know, it may have appeared some forty years ago, only to lay dormant till the last ten or so. Accounts for a lot, that knowledge. It is, of course, not a happy piece of news. But so be it. Would’ve myself liked a bit of something we know more about; no one really knows what causes it and what to do about it. But that is, of course, not an option. It will be a case of wait and see, do with events as they occur. Much in the way of the way they’ve settled in, I guess. Such is the habit of which they know life and have always approached it, I think, and it will take more than this to alter the state of things. They are really wonderfully resourceful people in this regard. Never was spent a lifetime of concern before an actively handling of affairs. In other words, this, too, shall pass. One way or the other, whichever long or short period of time remains. I like this attitude, hope to have inherited it. Adds focus to that most valuable resource of all, our time. Now she’s in a good mood and it’s grand; in the future there will be bad, and worse, periods. Attacks. Maybe the use of her legs taken from her. Must learn more about this, sclerosis. Then, hopefully, moments in the sun. Talks, she does, of going down South and seeing sights with dad in the summer-time, sounds like a great idea and I hope they do something about it. Days, months, years will pass. She’ll know better than anyone else how she would best like to spend that time. ~~~ A weekend for working on the project. Though, with two hours on my Saturday went Downtown and saw ‘Spy Game’, with Robert Redford in a leading role. Some time since we last heard from him, he’s not lost shape nor posture, quite the contrary. A good day, Saturday; rode back and it was some twelve degrees warm, a regular day in may. Worked hard throughout the rest of it, and in the late evening was joined by the girlfriend. ~~~ Talks with Bo and sis, respectively. Will drop by tomorrow, sis, retrieve some of her things I keep for her. Work on the project and went for milk when the realtor stopped by to showcase the place. No news there, as yet. If ever there will be, I’m seriously beginning to harbor doubts. By the girlfriends’ place in the late evening. ~~~ Noteworthy fact: January marks five year since I first set foot in this capital. January, 1997.~~~ Tomor­row Monday. One or two decided, the odd unknown. Basic of living. Am hoping for a quiet day.