A near two-week break since the last entry. From being busy, or least occupying myself, more than adhering to my decision of fewer, weightier entires. A happening fortnight, though. Attended the department seminar on Funen. A change from working day routines, though not terribly interesting. Made a nice presentation, am getting better much better at adres­sing a crowd albeit a humble one. Would like some more ex­perience at this; will remember to bring it to Karsten’s atten­tion, at one point or another he brought it up I might make an odd trip to our Course-center in Valby, teach something or the other. A way into the future, I’m aware. All said and done, the seminar, as expressed by Thomas in a sideways comment, offered little new in comparison with last year. Pretty much the same conclusions derived. All in all a quiet few days, more learnt about myself than anything else. ~~~ Much time spent at home in front of the hobby-project, forever nearing its conclusion. Have not count of the number of hours I’ve thus far spent on this thing, but surely it must be in the hundreds. But as long as I can feel it pay off, and that I can. Still not much idea how it will fare in the real world, sts, but damn that, if no one will use it I will at least myself be able to. With that very notion in mind brought out the new running shoes and this last week did two quick trips to the Triangle and back. Some four, sad kilome­ters nothing near what I used to do. But it’s a start, I guess, and Rome was not built in a singular day. Left foot seems to hold, bought some pads at the local pharmacist’s and put them in to support my sole, and it works out just fine. Add to what else I’m using to hold myself together, what with kneesupport, anklesupport, etc. Soon the weather will be nicer to us all and being out and about will take on a grander meaning. Still remem­ber, oan, the cruise ships by the Langelinje wharf. Would like to see those again. And so I shall. ~~~ No news no surprise on the sale of the apartment. People come and go and pass it by, and if I were the apartment I’d probably be very offended by now. It appears what I myself felt much for in the very beginning is not as pitch-perfect as circumstances would have it. And so the smaller bedroom and unfortunate blueprint work against me. Forever comforted by the very nice realtor, Nina, who in her pleasing tone assures me one of these days I’ll claim victory. Sis was probably right on the spot; despite lack of apartment-selling experience she proclaimed I wouldn’t be a sell until past February, and so it looks to come true. In early spring, when everyone and everything takes on a brighter appearence, that’s when a deal’s more likely to get struck. Until then have gotten usd to the waiting game. ~~~ Two notable trips to the movies. Saw ‘Moulin Rouge’ at the Grand good to be back. A giant setup of a film, exquisitely made and highly effective as musicals go. The idea in using famed pop-songs to carry the film is wonderfully carried out. Requires guts on the part of the director, but then this Baz Luhrmann doesn’t seem afraid to go out of the ordinary to get where he wants. And thank God for that, for the end-result is unquestionably worth the total of eight Academy Award nomina­tions. ~~~ ‘Vanilla Sky’, this early afternoon. Cameron Crowe’s direction, a highly accomplished film. Stars Tom Cruise, who just gets better and better with every project he undertakes, I think. A film about personal identity, about how we cannot possible know our­selves if we are not given the kind of counterplay, it that’s a term, to make us feel alive. When it becomes a world where everything bends to our will and every whim, who is there to affirm right or wrong in our deeds. A solitary existence and a very sad one at that. A good film, very good. ~~~ Trying to make most of my time, these days. The new course started one week from this, haven’t gotten around to studying up but will do so, very soon, now. Work, the project, keeping up with the girlfriend, pieces of the puzzle of my time these days. Sooner than later comes another, where I’ll need to shift a few priorities around. Though that’s ahead of the remainder of this weekend, that from this moment hence I’ll make the best use of the rest of. ~~~ Tomorrow Sunday. Am hoping for a quiet day.