Very cold day. Snow everywhere. No one, it seems, was prepared for this, and looking around no one seems to want or need it much. A damn shame, for I was beginning to look forward to the spring. And this set out to postpone that notion. Nothing to be done. Oh, and then again; out for my run, in the evening. Took to the bicycle path, for ’twas much too slippery on the pedestrians’. Slippery when wet. Like green soap when upon a bicycle, which took place later that evening, when I returned to the girlfriend’s to spend the night. ~~~ Brief conversation with Bo. Heading out to Milo, am I, for the weekend, spent at his place with some other information-technology crazed guys. Empha­sis on technology. Oh, well, and crazed, I guess. Not many serious activities will take place throughout the end of the week, I foresee. Shame on my part, for I’m forever behind on my course schedule. Tomorrow will call the bookstore, see if they’ve gotten that last book of that course home. Then, as mentioned in some other entry, make studying my priority number one. Hope to have the project in place when that happens. Bought a suitable Internet domain, would like to have it up and running by Sunday. Let’s see how much the weekend demands of me. ~~~ A bit of a sorry time. The news of Mum’s condition, and this Winter that drags on forever. Would like to seem both go away. Yet as that is less than likely to happen, deal with both I must. In both cases the heaviest load is not on me, so in fact there’s little room for complaints. Spring will come around. As for Mum, there will be good days as well as bad. As it turns out I must, I will spend the time till then truth to what I have left of that commodity; as best I can, wasting as little as possible, i.e. ~~~ Tomorrow Thursday. Am hoping for a quiet day.