Saturday went Downtown with the girlfriend, saw an exhibition of famous Viennese artists, messr. Klient, Schiele and KoKoschka. Cared little for it, I must admit, not up my alley. But she seemed to enjoy it much, especially the late Egon Schiele. His is a very intense pen, some would deem it overtly honest, probably, with his tendency to stretch and form his subjects into his artistic subordination. Liked the ‘Wally on the back with her legs up’, but that proved about it for me. The late morning was kind to us, weather-wise. Saw a movie, ‘the Shipping News’, at the Dagmar. Not the best film, I thought. Came back out and found a full-fledged blizzard outside the theatre. Send her back on a bus, faced the storm on my bike myself. Thought it took a turn for the worse at the second I got on it, the bicycle. Don’t know how I managed to get back it was a crazy feat. Snowstorm in early March. It’s spring, dammit! What a damn discrace. ~~~ Tomorrow Monday. Am hoping for a quiet day.