About a week past the operation, and pain is with me still. Let me not exaggerate the fact; I’m may be far from dying, supposedly. Still it’s a nuisance, drowning the occasional throbbing stings with eprin, a new favorite pharmaceu­tical of mine. Case of ‘if all else fails’, though will be careful in getting used to them think them too effective for comfort, even if they’re non-subscription available. Trying my best, in the betweens, to chew my food with the left-hand side of my mouth, a bit of something new in my life. After a year entire of stuffing the right side, it, too, takes some getting used to. ~~~ Much concerned about the situation in the Mid-East. Con­cerned, bordering worried, leaning on nervous. There’s an ex­plosive potential, for lack of a better word, in this conflict, in as much as it’s a chance for extremists on which ever side to confirm their immoral standpoint in light of a greater in­justice than proves merely the immediate opponent they face. A chance to cry injustice at a World not apt to listen and therefore a suitable wall to echo the cries. Echoes which only help to confirm in them the choices they have made. The conflict in itself would be tolerable (i.e, for those not in the midst of it) if ’twere for the immense implecations it assists. A lot of attention is diverted in this exotic diection and it feels much like something is going to happen. The interests are so profound and it seems to me at late bad timing has brought events together in an unsound fashion, picking away at a less than sturdy founda­tion. Now, in regards to the conflict itself, it appears we’re where the straw is about to be put in place to break the camel’s back. You don’t have to be born an extremist to retain the right to fight for your life and what else holds belief, and when the death-toll is on a steady climb it’s because more and more are seeing this. More and more with their backs to the wall not a good sign. Let’s not have this conflict excelate further; the stakes are too high. Sadly I’m afraid this kind of feeling worried will be with me for time to come. ~~~ Tomorrow Monday. National holiday, second day to Easter. Had forgotten all about it, well ready for a full working day. Not so; it’s a bit of time away. Will stop by the girlfriend’s with breakfast. Am hoping for a quiet day.