Out for my run in the evening. Caught a bit of the money-hour, though it’ll be better in a few days’ time, with the warmer temperatures. Not my best, many small pauses. Over the hill. Caught a German destroyer and two submarines at the Lan­gelinje, didn’t think to ask if they offered a tour. ~~~ Weekend left to my own devices, as fate would have it. With the girlfri­end spending the most of it away on a company get-together trip am free to focus on studying. Tomorrow Saturday will attend a seminar on the course Downtown, get a first look at my teachers. Try and learn a bit. Have not spent enough time with the books these few days past, will have to make up for that. If the sun really is out for the day will extend the trip. Find some place that sells smoothies, perhaps even go see a movie if the ti­ming’s right. ~~~ Summertime. From whence it came I’m unaware, but just now I caught the notion; I’m a young man in my mid-twenties, and life is awfully good to me. Putting in the time at work, is really all I do. I may be quite capable at being happy, even, as funny as the idea sounds. The move, soon time I’ll need to get to work on that. On keeping myself sharp, but it’ll be a breath of fresh air, a change of scene I predict will be good to me. All in due, short time. Favorable season. Truly. ~~~ Talked to sis on the phone for a bit. Her Thomas seems to be treating her well, no complaints. Still retain some ten thousand of hers, tucked away in my account as an act of dicipline on her behalf. Now she needs it to pay for some of her dental work, so will see it gets transfered. Good to hear from her again. Should stay more in touch, I blame myself. ~~~ Weekend came soon enough. A bit of this and that. Studies, priority one. Saturday. Am hoping for a quiet day.